Old news maybe? Felt bikes sold to KTM parent company PIERER Mobility

It looks like news of this broke around Thanksgiving but I missed it and I dont see anything about it here. My older felt is my trainer bike and probably gets the most miles of anything I own. From reading the article this may be a positive thing. The owner of that firm is a turn around specialist not a take over and cut guy. His other brands are very strong in racing in their own sports. It suggests he really wants to do more with ebikes and wants the local dealer network felt already has. None of this sounds like negative things and felt could use a shot in the arm.

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I missed this too, although I honestly don’t try to pay attention but I’d of expected to read about this in my cycling reading e-travels.

A guy in my club just bought an FR (the blue one, 2020 model?) with Ultegra Di2. It’s a nice bike and the wheels seem decent.

I tried to get their 105 FR model this year, it’s a subtle grey color that I really liked but missed out.

I liked the Rally Cycling orange and white a few years back,

Interesting news…