Experience of Vitus Bikes?

Is anyone here riding a Vitus bike? I’m interested in the ZX-1 Evo or the Vitesse Evo. They look incredible value for money and have awesome reviews including some award wins recently. It would be great to hear from any TR users who have experience of either of these bikes (or Vitus bikes in general). Cheers!

I don’t have too much to offer, but I have a Vitus Mythique VRX. I’m pleased with the value for my money and had a nice experience buying from Chain Reaction to the US.

I have an Energie CX Evo. Apart from the Sram drivetrain, I’m a big fan of it. I’m using it more as a gravel bike but definitely has CX characteristics. Nice value for sure.

@conman55 I’m actually planning to get the Energie Evo as my winter/allroad bike! How are you enjoying it? Can I ask why you don’t like the SRAM drivetrain? I was looking at the eTap Rival model.

Certainly. I have a Di2 for my road bike and I just feel like it beats the eTap in everyway. The Rival feels lazy and not as crisp while shifting. I did end up accidently bending the hanger so now the shifting is WAAAYYY worse, but that’s beside the point because it just wasn’t to my liking before. Not being able to microshift each individual gear like the Di2 is also a big negative to me. I’m still learning the drivetrain since I’ve only had the bike a few months, but so far I’m just not a fan of it.

Now with all that aside, I really like the bike! Even though it has CX geometry, it feels very comfortable to me as a gravel bike. I have 38mm Pathfinders on them now (they come with 32mm Maxxis All Terrane, which are OK). The frame can accept up to 45mm, which is a big plus. The Prime Barodeur wheelset is underated. I converted to tubeless on my first try without any problems. The bike feels sprightly as well. While overall slower, I feel like it climbs better than my road bike.

For the price, the bike is worth it. While I’m not fan of the eTap, I’ll eventually get used to it. The rest of the bike is great.

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A while back I picked up an NOS alloy Vitus road frame, can’t recall the model, on clearance for cheap. Built it into a capable bike. Being Chainreaction’s house brand, they can offer some pretty good value as an “OEM” but it is also why they can no longer ship certain individual components (Shimano) to North America.

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I had my eye on the new (ish) Vitus evo after I saw the quality of the older model up close on a ride out.

Unfortunately couldn’t actually buy the things for love nor money and gave up on the idea.