Changing set up between SSB 1 and SSB2?

I’m about to start SSB2 after my recovery week and I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to change my standard road tire to a trainer tire? I was starting to get slippage during the over-under workouts.

I use virtual power on a kurt kinetic fluid trainer. Could this have a negative affect on my power?

I’m worried this will make my workouts too easy/hard, both of which have me scared.

Are you starting SSB2 with the ramp test? If so, change your set up before then and then test and carry on with the plan.

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Re-test your FTP with your new set up. Boom. Problem solved :slight_smile:


Before changing your tyre, play with the pressures. IME it can make a big difference. Whether or not a road or trainer tyre works better seems to be down to the exact combo. On my old trainer (gel roller) the trainer tyre was 100% the way to go. However, on my new one with a metal roller that same trainer tyre shredded itself and slipped all over the place. On a road tyre, this was less of a problem and now I’ve dropped the pressure a little it barely slips at all.

I’ve been riding indoor and outdoor on the same tire most of the year. I’m also Kirk Kinetic and keep my tire pressure between 110-120psi when on trainer, turn the tension knob 1-3/4 -2 turns and after a outdoor ride or every week I wipe down the tire and roller with rubbing alcohol. No slipping issues no matter the effort. Wiping the tire down really helps

I would say that one benefit of a trainer tire is that you will find your bike tires have a longer life. It’s a lot of wear and tear on a road tire.

Ramp test with the new tire, and you’ll be fine.

I’ve run a trainer tire for a few years. I don’t notice any difference in ride feel from a road tire on the trainer, but it definitely lasts much longer than a road tire on a trainer. I’ve melted a road tire on a trainer before, squared off a couple others. Trainer tire is definitely worthwhile.