Changes at Ironman - races cancelled, Messick resigns

Seems like lots of big news regarding Ironman this week since I decided to stop myself, the company has fallen apart!

Ironman UK has been cancelled

Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire has been cancelled

The CEO has resigned

Any races being cancelled in the US?

The ones I’m aware of:

  • This year’s Ironman 70.3 Arizona will be the last: (looks like the full distance will continue, though.)
  • Ironman Coeur d’Alene, which I was under the impression that it alternated between a full and a half every year, is listed as discontinued, and will be a 70.3 for the next three years.
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70.3 Virginia, moved after a few years and is now cancelled for 2024 due to construction on a key part of the bike course, and unclear if it is coming back after. I did both locations.

Pretty sure US is still very much a net positive for races compared to a decade ago. Plenty of races that went on for 4-5 years and then are no more, with the core races remaining. But there are so many here that it is likely less obvious as they come and go unless you did one or planned to do one vs the UK. My dad just did 70.3 happy valley (state college PA) and is doing 70.3 NY (jones beach/long island) in a few months, both are first year races.

Not racing this year (too much going on/pool was closed 2 months) but I like the idea of races coming and going, being on the east cost of the US since it means I can keep racing within driving distance and not have to do a race twice.


He’s got a Board seat and isn’t going to work elsewhere. Not sure “resign” is the appropriate term here, especially when he’s noted it’s a retirement


Messik stepping down. That’s wild. I’m almost tempted to go and see what the mass hysteria this will have caused over at the slowtwitch forum


Godspeed entering that cesspool. :wink:


The headline of “retirement” is less intriguing. Gotta get those clicks

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“Changed role” is even more accurate and even less interesting.

He ain’t CEO no more!

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Just go listen to the triathlon hour interview before speculating

I cannot stand Jack Kelly, is there a transcript?

Just listen to it

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Nah, that interview went absolutely nowhere IMO. Came off as way too defensive on both sides for a useful discussion, plus Kelly takes so damn long to ask a question that I don’t feel It actually covered much ground.

The ST thread was actually decent- one of the things that site has going for it is that there’s a lot of race directors and people involved in the ‘back end’ of things, so you can actually get a glimpse into the other side rather than just People being Mad About Things. Better than the usual fb comment section pile-on, though that’s hardly much of an endorsement.

EDIT: apparently there’s a new podcast, can’t speak to that one.

Yes. The new podcast specifically about the topic at hand

This seems new as of today:

Oh @mcneese.chad , lots of people come here for the desire to never go to slowtwitch again.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

(Not me, they actually do a good podcast)


There’s rumours about IM Lanzarote too. Apparently still being negotiated and will happen but still.

I’ve heard on GTN that Mont Tremblant, Tulsa and Coeur D’Alene have been cancelled.

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I know Coeur D’Alene just announce a new 70.3 contract for 2024, 2025, and 2026

This years 140.6 participation seemed lower than previous years. They moved the full around a few times, was in June, then August (which is very hot), and then put it in rotation with STG and Canada. Then C19 hit, and they moved it back to June this year. The full CDA appears to be canceled for now.

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I just found out that a local female triathlete was just offered a spot at Kona this year, well after she had completed her full IM.

Sounds like they are having a hard time filling out the field in Kona…which is not something I ever thought I would say (but there are also 2x+ as many slots available for the women…so maybe that makes sense?)

Yea one of my training partners raced Chattanooga last September and got the email about a Kona slot a few weeks ago. She is doing Mont Tremblant and has no desire to race another Ironman a few weeks later.

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