Change of Plan?

I am currently in my Build phase before speciality 40kTT. I’ve entered into the Coles Bay Half in a team 1.9k swim, 90k TT and 20k run. I’m only doing the 90kTT.

Should i change my plan? It’s 22 Feb and use the Plan builder?

My plan is to ride at around 270w. Last 90k TT the same course, I did 250w avg hr 140 with no TT training. @Nate_Pearson what do you think of this half plan?

I would just stick with the 40k tt plan. You’re so close!

Sounds like you’ve got comfort figured out so I think 40k TT would be good!

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Thanks @Nate_Pearson I know, its been a good 4 1/2 months, I’ve achieved more than I thought possible. A 90k TT I would like within 2hrs 15mins. Last time I blew with 20k to go and fell off in transition cramping so badly. My nutrition leading up I didn’t take in enough carbs, or on the bike, 2 bottles and 2 gels. I will take 2 on the bike, 1 with SiS BETA, 1 with SiS tablets, and a 3rd with half SiS. And 1 SiS ISO gel every 45mins. And an extra Gel just in case. Ill also wear my TT helmet from Suomy which has more venting than the WASP.

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