Change default tab in PC app

Hoping we could get an option to change the default tab shown when starting the app on PC. It currently defaults to “Train Now” and then I have to click to the “Calendar” or “Career” tab to see today’s workout and load it. If not an option in the settings, maybe just change it to the “Career” tab by default. It’s what the iOS app defaults to (not sure about Android, etc.). Just trying to save some clicks and friction to getting started on a scheduled workout if possible. I rarely use the “Train Now” feature when I have a workout scheduled.

With your calendar open, copy that URL and save it as your bookmark. Then it will always open in calendar. :+1:

Do you actually have a training plan loaded? I ask because the TrainNow default is what I got prior to using Plan Builder. With PB in use, I get today’s workout as my default upon opening the PC App.

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He’s talking about the actual TR PC app, not the web page. A shortcut is of no use for the app side.


I get the career page ‘todays / next workout’ and you current PLs and stats on both PC app and Andriod, where you can load the session by clicking on the ‘today/ next workout’

I forget trainnow is there, it never opens as default for me.

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I am using PB and have a current training plan. I think it’s has always opened to Train Now for me.

Interesting. Could be worth an email to support then.

Very interesting. I moved Saturday’s workout to today and then reopened the app and it went to the “Career” page. I moved it back and reopened and it defaulted to “Train Now.” It seems that’s the intended action, but I know it wasn’t defaulting to “Career” yesterday when I posted. I had a workout scheduled, and I hadn’t completed it yet. I had logged a “ride” with my e-bike to pick up my kid from school so maybe that was the issue. It thought that ride had supplanted the scheduled workout or something and then defaulted to “Train Now.” I’ll keep an eye on it and see if I can replicate the issue again.

Here’s what seems to be the intended behavior when you open the app:

  • If you have no workout scheduled, it takes you to “Train Now” with this message “Your training plan has nothing scheduled for today. If you want to ride anyway, here are some recommended workouts, based on your recent training history.”
  • If you have a workout scheduled, it takes you to “Career” where you can see your scheduled workout and load it at a glance.

Both of those seem fine. However, it also seems that if you have a workout scheduled and you’ve already logged some type of ride (in my case it’s usually a short e-bike ride to pick up my kid from school logged through Garmin Connect) the app opens up to “Train Now” and gives you this message “Not interested in the workout your training plan has scheduled for today? Allow us to suggest some other options, based on your recent training history.” The result is cumbersome because I am interested in my scheduled workout and I have to click over to some other tab to see it and load it.

I’d still like to see my request taken up where I’m taken to “Career” when I open the app when I have a workout scheduled for that day … even if I’ve already logged activity. If I’m not interested in the scheduled workout, let me make the decision to click over to “Train Now” rather than defaulting to that for me (or add a small prompt on the “Career” page under the scheduled workout box). In essence TR is already assuming the answer to the question, “Not interested in the workout … scheduled for today?” is yes, when in fact it’s not 99.9% of the time for me. I don’t think I’m alone as I think the majority of users will likely choose the scheduled workout the majority of the time in a similar situation.

Now maybe there’s a case where the logged ride is longer, has a high TSS, or something where TR can safely assume I’m not going to want to do the scheduled workout (workout levels v2.0 and red light/green light might be better to inform this in the future as those progress). But that isn’t the case today and it would be a better user experience for me if we could get this tweaked in the software.

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