Chamois replacement

I have one pair of bibs that I just totally hate the chamois in but really like the bibs themselves. I looked in my favorite pair and tracked down where the chamois came from but it does not look like Elastic interface sells to the public for replacement pads…

Any pointers?

Buy new bibs.


Bibs are something you use up and have to throw away… It’s sad because I am attached to all my lycra as well. And it’s pretty expensive. But you’ve got to have a few of them so you are washing them between each ride(!) and you have to be able to eventually part company with them and drop them in the kitchen bin and move on…

@RCC @dtrevathan

I have 5 or 6 pair of Bibs, so no worries there but this years NEW racing kit bibs have the suckiest chamois ever and I want to replace it that’s why I was asking.

I did just find this place that sells chamois that are very close to the ones that I like, now I just need to find a local shop to perform the swap!!