Chamois Cream is a rip off?

Baby Aqueous if you’ve extra sensitive skin, as no sulfates. Aqueous Cream did ultimately irritate my skin as a moisturiser, less so as a soap substitute (as I used it for years before discovering Silcocks Base).

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I’ve always used assos but it lasts me far longer than a couple months. But that’s because I ride outside 1-2 days a week and indoors when I’m riding 1-1.5 hours I don’t use chamois cream.


:flushed: Yes, the ASSOS creme does have a ‘cooling feature’, like the first time I used it, WOW!! :cold_face: that region… I actually squawked and the wife wondered what happened. ‘Oh nothing’. :laughing: :upside_down_face: :crazy_face:

Assuming that you’re using this as an anti-chafe remedy, here is the one that works best for me…and it’s cheap compared to other alternatives:

It goes on similar to Body Glide but does a better job in my opinion.
One of these sticks will last me around a year based on 3 times a week use. Here in Canada we used to be able to buy it at MEC (a national outdoor store) which is where I first heard about it. I now buy direct from this website.
Consider giving it a go if you’re looking for something different.

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I can’t believe how many of you are using Noxzema! After I unclench, I will be thinking about this thread for a long time . . . . It’s hard to tell from all your usernames, but I wonder whether this is a guy thing. Anyhoo. I use the giant tube of Chamois Butt’r. It’s very thick and provides long-lasting friction relief. The “his” and “hers” kinds are practically indistinguishable, IMO. Neither has any noticeable cooling/mentholated/spicy properties.

Gold Bond Medicated Baby Powder for rides under 4hrs.

Zinc diaper cream for rides over 4hrs.


Why? It’s Noxzema :blossom: not Noxiouszema! :skunk:

Hah, I’m sure it smells great!! It just doesn’t seem like it would play well with any sensitive skin or membranes, like touching hot peppers and then your eyes. I would love to hear whether any women are doing this.

If your chamois cream is ripping off…you are using it wrong!

I’ll escort myself out.


Not found anything better than Gold Bond Friction Defense for anti chaffage purposes, and the stick format, as with similar products like Splax, Body Glide etc, is very convenient!

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Saddle Butter
:peanuts: :chipmunk:

Weird how your body gets used to it. Like you say, the first time was quite the experience but now i get nothing :person_shrugging:

As for it being expensive, I find that the most practical advice is to experiment with how little you can get away with applying.

Personally I need to use it most rides to avoid sores but I was surprised by just how little I actually have to use each time.

I was going through multiple (2, 3… 4!?) tubs a year but now i can make do with one.

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Assos creme has been my favorite as I’ve pushed riding volume this year. When I was riding less anything seemed to work fine. It’s not really that expensive compared to everything else in cycling.

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‘Mud flaps on the Lamborghini.’

Heard at a conference: ‘He has a Lambo, but bought the mud flaps at K-Mart! :’ And the floor mats too. Like putting Tiagra on a Colnago frame?

Same. But why? It was such a thrill the first time.


Less of a rip-off? … Today’s Special Assos Chamois Creme - 200ml [1390920] (

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that’s $100 for the same volume as $20 for the udder cream. That’s the point.

Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m riding on Noxzema.

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The skin cleanser?

That’s the stuff. Chris Horner brought it to peoples’ attention. I find it effective and economical.