Chain Waxing Tutorial

Zero Friction gave Wend a big thumbs down. I tried it before I moved on to immersion and haven’t looked back.

Thing is Wend has you apply the wax and then use solvent to get it into the rollers. It’s so soft that it doesn’t even really stay in the rollers…

Just buy a cheap crockpot, temp control unit and some silca or msw and be done with it. The hardest part of the whole thing is the initial transition from wet lube to wax. Once you’ve switched you will wonder why you waited so long.

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No I haven’t. Once I clean and wax my chains they stay in the rotation until they wear out which is a very long time. Not really familiar with WEND but it if is some type of wax I’d be tempted to just immersive wax it like any other chain that had been cleaned from oil and grease when new.

Mineral spirits aren’t a very good solvent for wax. If you want to go that route Naphtha is much better. I keep quart around to clean my cassettes and chainrings when they start to get a little wax build up on them although is more of a vanity thing for me than being necessary. Some people immerse their chains in boiling water before rewaxing to clean them although I’ve never done this.

Thank you for the info gentlemen. I’ve thought about simply hot waxing with MSW over top of the WEND on my one chain. My concern with it and why I asked the question was after reading the FAQ’s from ZFC. In BIG RED LETTERS at the end of that particular question it says to NOT put a WEND waxed chain into a pot of MSW, but didn’t really say WHY. Made me a little paranoid, but at the end of the day, WEND is wax, so I do wonder if there’s really all THAT much harm in it. The amount of WEND vs MSW in the pot moving forward SHOULD be minimal. My only thought why ZFC might have said this was because maybe the MSW won’t adhere to the chain properly if the WEND isn’t removed first.

That said, I definitely am switching over to immersive with MSW, just waiting for my wax order to arrive. I’m not at all a fan of the white pasty, tacky mess that the WEND is leaving on my chain and drive train (I did NOT go for one of the colored options). One of the reasons I was looking to move to wax, other than the longer component lifespan is the CLEAN LOOK of the drivetrain, which WEND does not provide in my current experience with it…

My guess is that putting the wend mix into MSW/silca would contaminate the pot with an incompatible wax. Wend has a lower melting point, different additives, etc. Best to just do a boiling water clean on it, before putting the good stuff on.

How dare someone use a different wax then their wax.

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ZFC doesn’t make their own wax as far as I’m aware…

Correct. this has got to be a case of one making the other less effective.

Since Wend wax got such a terrible review, I’d try and get as much of it off the chain as possible before using something good!


For anyone using WEND and thinking about switching, cleaning the chain IS possible, but takes some effort. Here is what I did to get mine fresh and sparkly…

  • 2x15m boiling water baths, agitate at end of each (removed a good portion of the surface paste)
  • 3x15m naphtha baths… agitate at the end of each then wipe down with microfiber cloth between baths (removes remaining gunk)
  • 2x30s denatured alcohol swishes (to remove any residue/film left behind by solvent)
  • Dunk it in your wax of choice

YMMV and you may choose to NOT go through the hassle. I chose to as the chain was like NEW (< 300 WEND miles on it) and simply didn’t want to toss it in the trash along with the WEND.

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Just got back from my race weekends. I have to say the Tru Tungsten was incredible.

Survived multiple creek crossings and some very dusty conditions. Super harsh on the rest of the bike.

It’s a small bottle so I’m not sure if I’ll use it as my everyday lube, but I’m super impressed!

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It’s cheap though, and you’ll save on parts wear. I’m testing ufo drip now, have tested squirt and silca and TTT is the best all rounder I’ve found so far

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I’m about 400 miles I’m in UFO drip, and I love it

I’m doing an ultra distance event this weekend and it should be muddy and wet, so I pulled my waxed chain off to clear it to put on Silca Synergetic lube as per the general recommendation (can’t exactly redo the wax mid race). I love how I can handle the chain without old lube getting all over hands and clothes. Reason #1 why I switched.


For Unbound, I’m going to start with a waxed chain, then lube with Synergetic mid ride as needed. This is the approach SILCA have recommended for Unbound. Makes sense to me.


For a commuter bike, if you’re even thinking of wax (and in winter) you may be using the wrong bike…

I use Synergetic, wipe my chain clean with a rag every day , but the idea of applying more lube (drip wax or otherwise) every single day is ridiculous. Unless you have a 100 mile round trip commute or something?

Wax is for bikes you care about. I’d spend more on drip lube in a year than a whole new drivetrain.

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Commuter bike is a Diverge Carbon with Di2 and DT Swiss wheels. It’s probably the bike I ride the most :smiley: And since its 90min to work, its nice to have a good bike!

Either way, commute is 45 miles round trip, so wax works wonders. But as mentioned it’s a bit of a struggle in the winter with salt and whatnot.

What I didn’t wish to do is to jump too much between oil and wax between seasons…

I care greatly for this bike, so was more to hear opinions and what others do in terms of wax during winter :slight_smile:

Maybe have one set of wax chains and a set of oil chains… you still have to clean the drivetrain between seasons anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

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The reason I switched to wax 8 years ago and have never thought about going back. I usually don’t even bother putting gloves on when I swap chains. Luckily, I live and ride in the desert so I don’t have wet, muddy conditions to deal with that most riders encounter.

Second the use of Tru-Tension tungsten all weather. Been on my training bike all week and no sign of any chain noise as yet.

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How ‘clean’ does the Tru Tension look after some road miles? If you run your fingers along the chain, does it compare to wax it terms of grime/dirt?

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