Chain Waxing Tutorial

It’s cheap though, and you’ll save on parts wear. I’m testing ufo drip now, have tested squirt and silca and TTT is the best all rounder I’ve found so far

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I’m about 400 miles I’m in UFO drip, and I love it

I’m doing an ultra distance event this weekend and it should be muddy and wet, so I pulled my waxed chain off to clear it to put on Silca Synergetic lube as per the general recommendation (can’t exactly redo the wax mid race). I love how I can handle the chain without old lube getting all over hands and clothes. Reason #1 why I switched.


For Unbound, I’m going to start with a waxed chain, then lube with Synergetic mid ride as needed. This is the approach SILCA have recommended for Unbound. Makes sense to me.


For a commuter bike, if you’re even thinking of wax (and in winter) you may be using the wrong bike…

I use Synergetic, wipe my chain clean with a rag every day , but the idea of applying more lube (drip wax or otherwise) every single day is ridiculous. Unless you have a 100 mile round trip commute or something?

Wax is for bikes you care about. I’d spend more on drip lube in a year than a whole new drivetrain.

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Commuter bike is a Diverge Carbon with Di2 and DT Swiss wheels. It’s probably the bike I ride the most :smiley: And since its 90min to work, its nice to have a good bike!

Either way, commute is 45 miles round trip, so wax works wonders. But as mentioned it’s a bit of a struggle in the winter with salt and whatnot.

What I didn’t wish to do is to jump too much between oil and wax between seasons…

I care greatly for this bike, so was more to hear opinions and what others do in terms of wax during winter :slight_smile:

Maybe have one set of wax chains and a set of oil chains… you still have to clean the drivetrain between seasons anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

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The reason I switched to wax 8 years ago and have never thought about going back. I usually don’t even bother putting gloves on when I swap chains. Luckily, I live and ride in the desert so I don’t have wet, muddy conditions to deal with that most riders encounter.

Second the use of Tru-Tension tungsten all weather. Been on my training bike all week and no sign of any chain noise as yet.

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How ‘clean’ does the Tru Tension look after some road miles? If you run your fingers along the chain, does it compare to wax it terms of grime/dirt?

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Just tested and the dirt build up was negliable, bearing in mind I used the Tungsten all weather as a top up from a previously immersed waxed chain - i.e. wasnt cleaned.
Yesterdays ride was wet in places too. BTW for UK I found the Tru-Tension lubes slightly cheaper in Halfords online than buying direct.

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Hey now – that’s good feedback! I wax with plain old Gulf Wax (paraffin) and frankly I wouldn’t know the difference between 2 watts here or there. My goal is a clean, quiet drivetrain. Road only. Dry conditions only.

I like my socks white, and my legs clean.

I’ll order some Tru Tension (probably the race/dry version, if I can find it) and report back.

Eventually it’ll (at least in my application) will get a bit grimier but its not bad. Looking at this, I better measure my chain, at 5,000 miles and it’s had one 25miles outside ride since it was last degreased. When I last measured it at 4,000 miles it hadn’t stretched :neutral_face:


No Flash

In summer (hopefully we’ll soon be there in the UK) I can leave it for months the degreaes and reapply but in winter I have to degrease more often and top up the lube nearly every ride inbetween degreases to stop getting horrible surface rust.

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It is wax, but with some added oils/solvents to make it liquid/stay on the chain longer. As such, it’s not as clean as pure wax but stays around longer. Running a finger on a chain with enough on will leave a black line, but that will wipe off unlike oil. To eliminate this the chain needs wiping down regularly. Over-applying will make the issue worse, and gum up the jockey wheels/cassette/chainrings.

The above photos are pretty representative IMO!

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How long between re-applications of paraffin wax if the bike is unridden and stored indoors? I’m thinking of taking a bike out in the coming days, but that chain was waxed six weeks ago. Don’t want to hear the dreaded squeak 10 km into the ride.

Ive had a race chain that I never ended up rewaxing and then raced 5 weeks later with no difference. I think you’re okay. Over 300km total between the two races.

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Did 4 mile and then 1 mile mud segments on my ride today. Here’s what the drive train looked like after the 4 mile segment.

That is a training chain, that was hot waxed, ridden once, did a squirt touch up before I took it out today. I did find a hose and got all the mud off. road for a bit and it was squeaky, Chain was dry so I did a touch up with a 1oz bottle of super secret I keep in my Osprey. Didn’t let it cure, but it sure quieted things down. Suffice to say that chain is getting a deep clean before it goes back on again.

As I was rolling home I realized that I missed my chance to give the synergistic over hot melt a try, but super secret worked too. Had I been at Unbound I would have swapped chains at a check point.

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Holy shit!

A word of warning, try keep water bottle clean… someone in my area caught a nasty disease after riding on a wet road covered in cow poop outside a farm and they recon they caught it from water bottle lid.

I use an Osprey, so the bottle is for water only. I used almost the whole bottle trying to rinse the muck off.

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@webdev511 Do you get a lot of air the first few sucks drinking from them?.. or does the fluid fill the straw completely?