Century Training, Bike Fit, Weight Loss and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 254

Training and pacing tips for your first century, tips to find the optimal bike fit for power and aerodynamics, the most efficient way to pace a climb and more in Episode 254 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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I think showing people their new FTP (if they stop) throughout the ramp test is going to add to a lot of overtesting by people who are anaerobically strong. Will be interesting for the TR team to look at the failed workout rates for people choosing to display this number during ramp tests, if that’s data they have access to.

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The thing I’ve always wondered is if an increase in FTP is a good indication of an increase in endurance. I’m not sure that it is really. Personally, I have a pretty high level of endurance but not a strong rider. So my FTP is low but I can ride for a long time. Goal in increasing FTP is to be able to ride faster for longer. But I’m not sure FTP alone can really tell me that.

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After starting training again I was also questioning the components of FTP, @DaveWh provided a lot of answers with this great post:


I really enjoyed this episode. Can you please elaborate here on the choice of long-distance plan between Century and 40kTT?

Century is shorter intervals at slightly above FTP. While 40kTT is longer intervals at slightly below FTP. I did not fully understand the concept of riding strong vs racing. Thank you.

Great episode. I really loved the explanation of @cat3memes question with regard to the nature of the 105-108% Suprathreshold intervals by @chad Really shows how well thought out these plans are!

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I went into plan builder and reworked my summer after listening. It wasn’t the answer I wanted but it was the one I knew I’d get. :grimacing:


For clarity, I just started the thread for the Group Workout Room Code sharing.

@dbf and @SamMose did all the research and setup to make the calendar and get the instructions for use.

Just want them to get proper credit for their great work :smiley:


Thanks @mcneese.chad :smile: Pretty cool hearing @Nate and @Jonathan tout the shared calendar on the podcast and group ramp test livestream.


Hello 5-star-studded seasoned cycling speakers (and fellow forum fans),

In this podcast (#254), Chad mentions a study which found that triathletes were able to run better if they maintained steady power on the bike. I’m doing a sprint tri again this year where the bike leg has 5 laps of a 4 km loop with a 6% climb each lap which lasts about 35 sec. for me (of a 7 min 20 sec loop). When I ran it through Best Bike Split (BBS) last year with an FTP of 217, it suggested an avg power of 191 W (0.88 IF) but going up to 240 W for this short hill.

Here are my questions:

  1. Given the study, is this too big a jump in wattage (up to 110% FTP for 35 sec.)?
  2. If so, what would be a better target power to use as a ceiling to not penalize the run?
  3. Should I instead build this into my training or even export this BBS recommendation as a workout or periodic test?
  4. If it’s better to ride these at higher wattage, are the VO2 workouts already in the sprint plan enough to cover the punchiness required for these occasional bursts or should other workouts be swapped in for this type of course? If workouts are to be swapped in, what are some good examples?