Casual Q: What does "6:45" mean in weekly bike hr total "4:40 / 6:45"?

Please see pic below. It seems to state "Your total bike hrs this week was 4:40 “of” 6:45.

The 4:40 total is accurate as the added up time of the 4 rides.

What is the 6:45? / What does “4:40 / 6:45” mean ?

I did complete the 3 planned TR WOs from my plan, SSB I. I did bump up the Oct 13 WO from 60 to 75 mins, but that really doesn’t explain it.

Or is it just a totally random glitch, it should be the total time of the planned TR WOs, and if you do more rides, it should go over that, so in this case it should be reading “4:40 / 3:30” ?

It does the same thing for TSS: Shows “336 / 428”… what is this “of 428” business!!! :slight_smile: When did I say I was planning on hitting 428 this week?!? That’s news to me!! LOL

Thanks in advance for your insight! I hope you have a great ride today!

Hey there @Chris1982,

4:40 is the number of hours you’ve spent on your bike so far this week, and 6:45 is the scheduled total number of hours for bike workouts this week. So you’ve done 4:40 or the scheduled 6:45 time so far this week.

As for whether or not this is some sort of bug, let me dig into it.

I don’t see where the 6:45 is coming from either. :thinking:

Hey @Chris1982, it looks like your Saturday ride is associated with a three-hour long ride called “Erin Hills,” which is why your total is at 6:45.


@eddiegrinwald Ahhhhh, gotcha. Thank you!! That makes sense.

I incorrectly anticipated how the calendar works on this front.

I had originally planned to do the 3 hr Erin Hills ride, but the group cancelled, so I did my own different ride.

I had added the Erin Hills ride as a planned event on my calendar earlier in the week, but didn’t complete it, and obvi didn’t click it as completed.

I thought because I didn’t complete the planned ride, or mark it as completed, it would just disappear, and the actual ride that I did would overwrite it.

But it totally makes sense; I added it as a planned ride, so ya, in a way, I was “telling the system” that I wanted to hit that training goal, kinda thing. So it was then telling me “Hey, you babied out on that ride, it was shorter than planned, you are short of your weekly planned HRS & TSS.”

I was able to Edit → Delete the old planned ride, and that corrected the issue.

As a heads up to yourself & the dev team: The TR calendar behaviour on this is a bit odd.

When you record the actual ride, even though in the background TR has associated it with the planned ride, it records it as a separate event, and keeps the original planned ride as a separate event also. But it doesn’t show that on the day in your calendar, as it usually shows multiple events on the same day. So I didn’t see it. It only shows you when you open that day. Pic below.

Seems a bit confusing, no? Shouldn’t it be the ride, like it should be “Erin Hills Ride”, and record the ride data as the ride, instead of saving it as a separate event? IDK. Maybe there’s a reason it’s been setup to work like this? Comparing planned vs actual?

But if there is a reason to record it as separate, shouldn’t it show that on the calendar, that the planned ride still exists on that day, the same as the display is if you do two rides in one day?

The way it displays now shows pretty clearly that it is not there, and indeed has disappeared / been overwritten w the actual ride data.

Thanks again for your help!

Note: Below shot is from exact same circumstance, in a different week. Hence name is “Dundas”, instead of “Erin Hills”. I had already fixed the Erin Hills day before I thought to take this shot!! :slight_smile:

It should record the ride on the day of as the event on your calendar. This is how it works for me.

I think that the logic, by default, matches your activity on the day with an event if there is one scheduled on your calendar.

I’m not sure why this isn’t the case in your situation. I’ll look into it!

Stay tuned. :man_detective:

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Hello again @Chris1982,

I’ve done some digging, and it sounds like how this works is that whichever platform is synced to TrainerRoad (Garmin Connect, Strava, etc.) is where the title of the activity comes from. I was a bit confused here because I’ve had events on my TR calendar that had the same name applied to the actual activity, but that was only because I named it the same on Strava.

It would make sense for us, though, to be able to, by default, name that activity with the same name as the event to better tie them together.

The planned “event” and the actual activity can easily be associated, as you’ve seen, but they can’t really be the same, if that makes sense. You use the event on your calendar to plan your training, but the “activity” data is totally different. We pair it with the event, but they are still different sources of data.

Automatically naming the activity the same as the event in TR would make things really seamless and intuitive, though, so I’m passing that along to the rest of the team as a suggestion.

Let me know if this makes sense! :crazy_face:

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@eddiegrinwald that was quite a wild ride, but it was very well written & explained, so I actually followed all of that, believe it or not!! :slight_smile: :laughing:

Totally understood! Thanks a ton!

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Thanks! Just shout if I can help out down the road! :upside_down_face:

The issue with auto-renaming the activity would be, what do you then do when someone comes along and says ‘no, that wasn’t that event’ and disassociates it? Especially if it had originally imported with a specific name that they’d given it, rather than just a generic ‘Afternoon ride’ or whatever.

I think if anything you’d want to retain the original name, but just ‘hide’ it with the event name, so that if it’s disassociated later it will regain its original name.