Castle Flexx - Anyone have any experience with this?

On last weeks AACC podcast (#416), Cole Paton mentioned that he used a device called a Castle Flex to help with his SI joint mobilization. I checked it out online, and it’s quite an expensive contraption at $250, but many reviewers swear by it. I was wondering if any of you own one and have thoughts on its efficacy.

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CastleFlexx is legit. I own one and my wife loves hers too. You don’t realize how well it’s made and what a serious piece of equipment it is until you take it out of the box. They offer returns so no downside to trying it but I can tell you this, you won’t go back to straps or waste your money on yoga classes after this.

The only downside is you can’t take it on airplanes. TSA won’t allow it. It’s got a removable 2lb weight in the bar for full body strengthening routines and that makes it a bit intimidating for the airport agents I guess. Hope this helps!

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$200 in singles weighs about 7oz, maybe a towel and all the money you saved would be a competitive option.


Your first post was to recommend a ridiculously overpriced product by bumping a months old thread.

Sorry about your commissions.

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Ripoff alert
Not sure how the product works, but the customer service is abysmal. Ordered the Sport during rehab from knee surgery, not knowing my wife had ordered me a FlexBuddy the same day, for about $160 less. FlexBuddy arrived in 3 days, with free shipping. I started using it, and it worked well right away for my hamstrings. I am really surprised at how much better my body feels in just a few weeks. Over a week later, the CastleFlexx arrived, and I decided I did not need it. I read the FAQ about returns, and it specifically says "just send it back within 14 days of receipt…we will be happy to refund you for the cost of the product. It mentions that you pay for shipping. Fair enough.

Did not even take it out of the box. Printed my order confirmation, wrote my phone number on it, put it in the box, and had it sent back Priority mail. It was delivered on a Monday, I heard nothing. When I inquired, they said I was not in the system for an approved return. No matter how many times I read the FAQ answer above, I can’t find anything other than send it back. I replied with the FAQ answer above, feeling I had done what I needed to do. I have had no reply, no refund, not even acknowledgement of anything since my first answer back to them. So I am out $200, plus $15 to send it back, and the merchandise. The only thing their support team is good at is deleting legit complains and bad reviews, and blocking you from the social media pages. Google reviews for this company, this is a common theme. You have been warned.