Inside Ride Kickr E-Flex Trainer Motion System

DC Rainmaker: (Sep 25, 2019)

Early version info from TR member:

First look at the pending motion platform from Inside Ride, for the Kickr in this case.

  • Hard to tell, but it looks to include Fore-Aft motion as well as rocking motion.
  • The front is based on the same design as their Floating Fork Stand that allows the fork to turn. This causes the bike to lean.
  • Notable is the Kickr mount with legs collapsed inside. I considered this in an effort to keep the stack height of rocker plates lower, because you can get more lean angle with less height.

I will update once we have more product info and/or reviews.


Really clever.

very interested

I don’t think there is a fore aft movement at least per early prototype I saw. This looks much nicer and polished.

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I may well be being wrong.

  • However, considering that the fore-aft movement is their patented aspect and primary selling point of their rollers, I would be surprised if they don’t include F-A motion in this product.

Here is what I saw that made me think fore-aft:

  • image
  • The horizontal redline is around what looks like a slot to me. This seems to parallel the design on their rollers with the internal roller wheels for the F-A motion.
  • The diagonal redline is around something that looks like a cable or maybe elastic tension member. It only goes one direction rather than having 2 side for an ‘X’. I’m not really sure that this is other than maybe the tension method for re-centering the upper stand, if it floats F-A.
  • I can’t really tell much from the Kickr mount end other than the collapsed legs.

It looks like a pivot point with some dampers to inhibit the rebound

(although the sliding makes more sense, since the top part is parallel) to the base.

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Hmm… you are correct. That’s going to be an interesting piece of equipment. Will find out more hopefully soon.

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Looking at this I start thinking it would be nice if they made one for the Kickr CORE…could design it so the IR frame uses the same attachment points as the 2 bars on on the feet to make the stance narrower - just take those bars off and attach it to the frame…then they could sell this system with a lower overall price point (when you include trainer cost).

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Yes, I considered removing the actual legs from my Kickr and using the open holes for a rocker plate. The reason I skipped that is because I wanted the option to easily move the system by disassembling it quickly. I use nylon straps and buckles that are quick to switch.

A bolted connection is not as much of a problem if you have the space for a dedicated setup that stays in place all the time.

Awesome. I’d at least have expected a video or something showing it working, or how they believe it’ll work. That has our attention. Just as IQSquared did before it turned into frustration.


Another teaser.

Getting some time to analyze the larger pic of the E-Flex:

  1. I see what appears to be the rocking pivot (responsible roll axis lean) at the underside of the middle Kickr leg, just forward of the middle support cross member.

  2. I also see what looks like a diagonally mounted, and double loop surgical tubing. I predict this is the centering spring from the fore-aft motion. There is a similar diagonal visible at the front support (what would be the rear section of the right side (rider’s perspective.

  3. You can see some slotting around the tubing mount. I think this is clearance to keep the tubing from hitting the metal frame during fore-aft movement.

FYI I asked on their FB page - not compatible with the KICKR Core.

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At $400, this stands to be a potentially big seller. I am interested in the direct link between rocking and steering. Some parts I like and others I don’t

Either way, this is WAY more likely to see sales, even if it’s “restricted” to Kickrs… which make up a higher chunk of the smart trainer market.

These look very tempting. I have their rollers with ERG and love them for everything up to around vo2 efforts. I may be buying a kickr and these now :slight_smile: The movement is the big reason I ride the rollers, but it limits my ability to do other things while riding along :slight_smile:

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These are tempting. I’ve got their rollers with the smart resistance unit, and have been thinking about getting a smart trainer as well (the smart resistance unit isn’t quite as good as I’d like for short, high amplitude intervals). I’d been pretty set on a Neo 2 or 2T, but this looks pretty good, and I think cost would come out close to neutral (this would definitely be cheaper if I could pick up a used KICKR).

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This may be a dumb question, but is there any worry about having the flywheel of the kickr moving around at different angles? Like could it cause an imbalance over time?

I don’t think so. These rocking platforms have been around now for few years. I think we would’ve seen someone bring this up. Also, maybe not related but I tested the KICKR with other rockers to see if the rocking motion have any effect on power measurement and didn’t see any.


No issues for me after many years of use. The max lean angle is 7* per side, and most often between 4* or less. It is a tiny amount of movement and super smooth transition. I see now reason why that would ever cause an issue.

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Pulled the trigger on a new Kickr yesterday, and will be in line for one of these when it comes out…so I guess I’ll be among the early adopters to provide a review.

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