Cassette Body compatibility

I am looking to find out if anyone knows if there is a cassette body available that is compatible with a Williams Six-sixty rear hub. From what I understand, Williams went out of business and my rear wheel really needs a new cassette body. I hope it is based off of some standard and can be replaced with one from another manufacture.My other hope is that someone that worked at Williams or knows Keith could get me in contact with them to find out an answer. My other option I have looked at is getting a one piece cassette such as a Recon so that the notches in the cassette body won’t be an issue.

Fairly certain Williams used a Novatec hub.

I have an old set of Williams alloys that for sure are Novatecs.

I wish mine was. It is labeled as a “Williams SixSixty”

I used and found this. Any help? Maybe yours is one that’s Shimano/SRAM compatible?

In fact, based on what I see in that chart it appears the Six-Sixty freehub body was available as either Shimano/SRAM or Campy cassette compatible - what cassette do you have currently?

Wow. thats a cool website. Didn’t know that existed…
So mine is the bottom one on the PDF. It is an 11 speed Shimano compatible freehub body. Do you know if that is a shimano product just branded as Six-sixty?

Do you need a new cassette, the cogs? Or a new freehub body, the thing the cassette slides onto?

If it’s a cassette, that can be the Shimano or SRAM road cassette of your choice, 11 or 10 speed (with proper spacers).

It’s the freehub body that’s branded Williams Six-Sixty, that’s part of the hub. That’ll be a lot trickier to replace with Williams gone.

I am looking to replace the body. The individual cogs, 11-12-13 etc have started to chew up the key ways. I think at some point the locking nut on my cassette had worked itself loose to where those cogs individually dig into it. Now they have to be hit with a hammer to get the cassette to come off. It’s a real pain and I can hear it make clicking noises for the first handful of rides after replacing the cassette as the cogs try to settle into the little grooves that have formed. My last resort is to get a one piece cassette by someone like “Recon” but I have read so many mixed reviews.

Yeah, replacing that Williams freehub body is going to be tricky with them out of business I bet. Best resource I know to find knowledgeable people (and maybe even a right part) is the Facebook buy/sell group “Online Swap Meet”:

It’s got thousands of parts-swapping-addicted members and many work in LBS’s. I’d post on there seeking guidance with a picture from that PDF plus a picture of your current freehub body.

If all else fails, SRAM did have some cassettes that were single pieces of alloy. These may fix the issue you’re seeing with the 11/12/13 digging in, as in the single piece, they’re attached to all the other cogs. It’s not the best solution of a new freehub body, but it could work.

Can you post a picture of the freehub body, and can you pop it off so we can see the back of it?

Oh, and the link is just one that may be a single piece. It’s not for sure one that’ll work. I’ve not looked at SRAM cassettes for nearly 10 years, so am well out of date.

I don’t know if this is it, but reach out and ask.

@iamholland - You may be a life saver! I just sent them a message to ensure that this is the same part, just with different branding! If I replace it, i am probably going to get a one piece cassette as well because this is going to be the third Free Hub i have had on this w

heel. The alloy is just too soft i think.

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Yeah looks the same. Williams just used rebranded stuff.

The gouging doesn’t look bad at all. Clean it up with a file to get ride of the bumps on the top.

Also see if you can do this. It works on some, if you have enough space.

I would be amazed if that isn’t the same one, it’s the same in so many little details.

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That’s pretty neat approach to fix it. I might try that while waiting to verify that the part found is compatible. The problem with mine, if you look closely at the photo, is the place where the 11t cog sits. It is so chewed up on the end that the cog really wants to slip out of position. I have torqued down on the cassette locking ring pretty darn tight and it still finds its way to go cock-eyed. I would have gladly taken 100g for steel!

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did they confirm? I’m fairly sure, from pictures, that it is the same, and also 6/60 as well. But, you never know.

Yes sir! They confirmed and I ordered it. Excited to put a rear wheel on my bike!