Carbs vs. Calories

Great work all, love the podcast. Rapid fire question… What are the signs of your calorie intake going too low? I lost over 100 lbs two years ago through close monitoring of carbs and calories. Now that I want to perform better I increased my daily carbs and seen a big improvement in workout quality but my weight loss ground to a halt with about 25 more lbs to go. Is there such a thing as having the right amount of carbs but too few calories? Thanks! Leo

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How long have you been doing the more carbs? If you went from low/no carb to high carb then you’re going to have a period where your body is retaining more water due to having more glycogen sitting around. More glycogen is a ‘good thing’.

When you added more calories via additional carbs, did you reduce calories from other macronutrients(protein and fat)? Also how long has it been since you started increasing your carb intake?