Carbon wheels experience


did you pay with a credit card? i would chase it up through them if i were you



As per their FAQ

We use the same materials and manufacturing processes as the big brands but our overheads are much lower. We ship direct from the point of manufacture to our customers. We don’t need to store wheels or hold stock. We don’t sell through a long list of middle men - each taking a percentage. We don’t spend a fortune on advertising, or marketing. We don’t need all the staff that go along with these processes, we don’t need the offices to house the staff, or the equipment to allow them to do their jobs. In short, we’re small and agile!


Yes, we ship for FREE to every country in the world (Including APO/FPO/DPO addresses). Shipping takes 14 ~ 21 days, on average. Occasionally it can take a few days longer do to delays by the shipping company, but usually you’ll get your wheels in 14 ~ 21 days from the time you place your order.

Are you trolling?

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Also “stuck in China” is doubtful. They are probably on a boat on the way to your continent and the tracking is just showing the last known location. That’s why you can’t get a refund without returning the item. Amazon would say the same. You simply can’t cancel an order mid-shipment.

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You said your order has shipped.

All I said was that Amazon (or any other business) will not let you cancel an order that has already shipped.

I’m not trying to deny the facts of your experience. I’m just saying that maybe your expectations were set a little high. I’ve dealt with a few of these super low overhead direct-from-China type of businesses and your experience sounds normal to me. The product always eventually arrived in my case.

What annoys you about this?

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I know this doesn’t help your current predicament, but the learning in all this is that sometimes it is better to spend a few more dollars and buy a reputable brand from a reputable dealer.

I’d never throw wheelset money at a lottery like this, especially not one named Tokyowheel. Sounds suspect to start with :thinking:

Nah. There are much better indicators for fraudulent business then the name unless you are implying something else? :thinking:

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Nah, nothing between the lines.

I just wouldn’t dump my hard earned into this, with so many more, let’s say, better known options to go with.

That makes sense to me. Wheels are the 2nd most important part of the bike after the frame. However, there are lesser known options that can give you excellent value and more customization options. For example, I have had really good experiences with this one:

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So, you would base your buying decision based upon a name, and then make disparaging comments of a company just because you just don’t like the name?

Each to their own, chief :+1:t2:

My main issue, as I mentioned in my first post, would be that I would be reluctant to sink money into an unknown. Especially an unknown on a different continent.

Call me a slave to fashion, but I’d much rather get something I know from someone I know.

Seems you got all bent out of shape with my use of the word ‘suspect’?

is a completely different message to

which I 100% agree with

So this is not suspect? That’s a pretty bold claim :smirk:

Maybe it’s just me, but personally I don’t rate his chances of securing that 110% refund if they aren’t faster than his current hoops.

Hopefully he’ll get to put them through their paces when they eventually get delivered to him… :turtle:

Maybe you would be interested in the reviews of others?

Also on the UCI Approved list

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Do you work for Tokyowheel? :thinking:


Man, you beat me to it :joy::rofl::joy: