Capturing and uploading outside ride data to TR

I’d like to capture and upload outside ride data to TR. I have 4iiii crank arm power meter, an iPhone SE with TR app, Wahoo BT heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, and speed sensor. The power meter and sensors are all synched with the iPhone. I assume this setup would capture actual ride data (watts, HR, cadence, and duration) which can then be uploaded to my TR account through the TR app.

I’m asking this because occasionally (when my children’s schedules allow) I substitute a fast group ride for my planned TR work out. These outside rides don’t mimic the outside version of the planned TR work out. I assume this actual ride data will be added to my Training Stress dataset and reflected in the graph.

No garmin or wahoohead unit or watch??

You can load a “Free Ride” workout (many different lengths to choose) and it will record the devices you have paired.

This is the old workaround without pulling from head units.


The easiest way to record that information would be through some time of head unit or training watch as @ericallenboyd mentioned. You simply record on the device, and use either Garmin Connect or Strava to sync your workouts with TrainerRoad using our Ride Sync feature.

However, if you do not have one of these devices for your outside workouts, then the method outlined by @mcneese.chad will be your best bet :+1:.

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