Cape Epic 2022 Discussion

Beervins are looking strong!

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Disappointed not to see more of Keegan, but I guess they are a bit of an unknown. I hope they’ll feature at the front, though Marriott struggled last year.

Haven’t logged onto IG yet as didn’t want any spoilers, but I hope Sofia has positive things to say about their effort. They looked good, though I thought they’d be closer to the winners time.

ETA: looks like Keegan is in 5th with a bit over a minute down. Great ride @Keegels wait till they fire up the coal burner tomorrow :steam_locomotive::railway_car::railway_car::railway_car:.

Nuno and Lars looked really effing good after the spare wheel. Far, far from out of the race. Makes for fantastic tactical racing.

Wonder what tires Nino is riding. If Aspens he clearly didn’t pay attention to Nate’s experience :slight_smile:

Blevins was killing it on the singletrack downhill sections…he has skills for sure!

Yep! Looked very, very fast.

I believe PFP was about to cause De Groot to blow in the prologue. She kept having to make mini accelerations to hold the wheel. It’ll be interesting to see how she holds up.


Supposedly he was running the prototype Aspen ST on the rear according to a YouTube bike check for Cape Epic. He was going to run the regular Aspen up front.

Sofia and Keegan on the front page making good progress.


Holy Smokes. Heck of a men’s race today. I’m still watching so no women’s spoilers.

Great ride from Keegan and Maxime. Questioning their choice of kit colour I imagine.

It’s going to be really interesting to see if Lars can survive the week. Nino looks hugely strong and is keen to/needs to make up time. Looks like they were fastest if not including downtime (just eyeballing coverage not results) but Lars was suffering at points to hang on.

Scott-SRAM will be asking some questions of Maxxis lol.

@georgelza I wonder if you rename this thread to just “Cape Epic 2022 Discussion” or whatever?

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PS: won’t mention what happened in the womans racing, but well… :slight_smile:
on the one side, Amy is a friend of my wife and me, so very happy, on the other side, hee haa

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… is Pieter d T and … still with TR.
They seem to be doing good also.

couple of years back that was like every Epic for Sauser, it was like why are you allowing yourself to be sponsored by Shwalbe.
Strange though to see this happening with Maxxis, they generally very good tyres for that surface.
But then his flat today he mentioned was where he went over some hidden/covered by grass glass, so doubt any tyre would have survived.

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Great races so far for the men and woman. Lot’s of teams to pull for this year.

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I agree, I don’t actually think it was the tyre’s fault. I think the team is well and truly smart enough not to run some super thin thing. They’ve been running the Aspen 2.4 for several years with great results.

I was going to query what was up with team two, but in the post race interview Nino mentioned that Andri did actually give Nino his wheel, unfortunately that was already after having the tyre off, on, and off again.

Is there any post race commentary posted like 2021?


Ouch!! From the Pinkbike thread under stage 1 results

In response to Sofia sitting in P1

Screenshot 2022-03-22 123444

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Strong ride to the finish from Sofia and Haley. They’ll be fizzing.

Still some very strong teams looking aggressive though. Very far from finished on either side

in the “30min” catchup broadcaster locally you can see Nino starting to work on his wheel… followed by his backup team arriving and donating a wheel, apparently time lapse between the flat and the backup team was 7min. So consider where they finished they did some serious catch up.