Cape Epic 2022 Discussion

Just curious,

Anyone from TR doing Cape Epic this year again ?

Is Sonya riding, even if not in TR colours, know she implied last year she’d like to pair up with a high level partner and give the podium a go?


Do you mean Sofia? I haven’t seen her mention going this year. Seems like the main focus is the Lifetime thing.

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I do.
enjoyed her nightly updates.
And the 2 local youngsters ?

I don’t think he’s ever been on the podcast but I believe Christopher Blevins is planning on doing Cape Epic this year.

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he he he… was wondering if Amber maybe twisted Chad’s arm and they’d be riding again, with the 2 youngsters as a 2nd team.

Date and route got announced the other day, looks amazing.


Hey @SeanHurley is there any chance of/interest in a 2022 Cape Epic preview podcast?

I’m not sure if Rob and Rossouw are racing again, but the course preview with @Jonathan October was great.

With Sofia racing, plus the return of the some more of the top flight XCO racers, it’s looking like an interesting race.


I do think we’ll see some of our South African staff returning to the race this year, but I don’t believe plans have been finalized quite yet. I’ll bring this up with the team! It was so much fun following along closely with the race last summer, whether or not we go in-depth with the podcast I will personally be watching intently.


This is going to be a very interesting Epic.
We should def know if/who from TR is racing by now… that should not be a question at this stage.
would be nice if we could have a podcast with Sofia / daily also, enjoyed her overviews last year.

and me def interesting in a TR daily podcast.


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Yes Sofia is riding in a team, she mentioned it a while back on Instagram.

Registered teams are here : 2022 Race Register | Absa Cape Epic (don’t know how final it is, or if it could change but seems up to date)

You can search by name of team or rider - lots of familiar names and quite a few big ones

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I didn’t really know who I wanted to search for but can confirm Rossouw is racing again (team 378 I think).

The men’s field is actually very similar to last year, very pointy, but not all that deep. Interesting that most of the top XCO riders are choosing the early XCO races ahead of the Brazil World Cup which is earlier this year than the usual start i think.

Similarly with the women’s field. I’m absolutely fizzing to see Sofia give it s#!t, but there’s only really a couple of “names” there.

Hopefully there’s some close racing :metal:

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Who do you think are the favourites to win/fill the podiums?

Scott-SRAM on the men’s and Specialized Songo on the women’s for the wins I think.

Unless there’s a major kerfuffle of some sort.

I think that is probably about right.

Be interesting to see whether Canyon Northwave can mount a challenge; and how Toyota-Spesh will go.

Also interested in seeing how PFP & RDG go in the Women’s.

Not directly TR, but according to Keegan’s Instagram, he’ll be riding it with Maxime Marotte. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do as well.


Just saw that too. interesting to see how they go.


Go Sofia!


I ended up watching all of the stages last year and I am looking forward to following it in 2022 as well. What a cool race.


Teams within 5 minutes of winning Prologue time:
Men: 16 teams
Women: 4 teams

One could think women’s winning team will likely be from this top 4, but it was so hot that it might have been the right strategy not to push for the podium… is this what Nino and Lars decided?

One way or another it will be interesting!

[EDIT] just realized Nino had a puncture and Nino/Lars lost 4 minutes…

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It’ll be interesting to see if De Groot can keep up with PFP got eight days. She looked fresh enough at the finish line, but she seemed to be struggling to hold the wheel and PFP didn’t seem that in tune yet.

Could be very exciting racing on the men’s side.

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