Canyon Ultimate CF SLX compatibility with Wahoo Kickr?

Hey guys, just wondering if you can help me out as I can’t get in touch with wahoo atm. I’ve got a canyon women’s ultimate cf slx but I believe I need some sort of adapter? Does anyone know if the cap pops off? Or can I just use my own thru axle adapter on the wahoo? I would really love to connect my bike to wahoo, any help would be appreciated! Thanks

These are not exact confirmation, but may be related:

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The rear thru-axle cap is just glued on. With older KICKR models, To use a thru-axle adapter, the cap needs to be removed. My KICKR Core is different and doesn’t use the an adapter, like my original KICKR.

In either case, the plastic cap is simply aesthetic and no issue to remove it. I’ve had mine off my rear dropout for a couple years. The screw is for your hanger, so leave that in there :slight_smile: