Canyon Aeroad DB on Wahoo Kickr Core

I can’t seem to fit my bike onto my Kickr due to there being an aero cap on the drive-side on the rear thru-axle. The Wahoo disc brake adapter kit has a quick release style system and I can’t use it with my Canyon Aeroad. Does anyone have a method to fixing this or a different product to recommend?

Is your bike a 142mm x 12mm thru axle setup?

If so, you should just be using your regular skewer, and not the adapter axle.

Maybe some pics of you setup could help?

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You shouldn’t need to do much to get it to fit. Just pop in the correct spacer and go.



also, that aero cap pops off, it’s just glued on. Important to note if you ever need to change the derailleur hanger.

Don’t need to take off that cap to take off the derailleur hanger – other way around. The screw that holds the hanger on also holds the cap on. Take off hanger, pop off cap, screw hanger back on.

Thanks for this post; I just got a Canyon and this inadvertently helped me with popping off the aero cap so I could mount a thru axle adapter for my kinetic road machine. Quick question though; the small screw that holds the derailleur hanger on is super easy to remove and says you only torque it to 1nm. Any concern about this loosening during training or a ride?

It’s perfectly normal and you should not worry about it. I have never experienced it coming loose through all the terrible road conditions I deal with. Just check it every once in a while

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How did you manage to get the thru axle into the wahoo? Hopefully not a stupid question. Mines not an aeroroad, I have an ultimate and trying to plug mine into the wahoo kickr.

There are some spacers to put into the kickr, I believe they’re labeled for the thru-axle width on them

You don’t need to pop the cover off, just put the spacers in, and they’ll sit in the dropouts and then install the thru-axle as normal

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Did they come with the kickr or would I have to get them separately? Also, did you have to pop off the tab as seen in the picture here? image|375x500

I believe they came with the kickr


Yes they do…and the work great with my Endurace!

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If somebody else comes here looking for the same… (as me)