XL bikes hard to find

Hello, iv been looking into getting a new bike but im just too big, 6’4" (36.6" inseam) and nobody in my area have bikes my size to try out. I can always have them order it but what if I don’t like it, or it doesn’t feel right, I cant exactly ask them to order one of everything and pick which one I like. Looking for an entry level road bike less than 2k. anyone have any experience with something like this?

I’m 6’4" and I feel your pain. If you can get to a bigger city you might have a better selection of bikes. It’s tough though. I have had to roll the dice a couple times and order a good deal on a closeout and hope it worked. So far I have been lucky. Bike fits work wonders.

You and me both. I sucked it up last year and bought a Canyon. It fit fine, but I’m also not that picky. With the integrated stem/bars your only flexibility is seat height and offset (allegedly there are alternate sizes you can order if you have a specific preference/need). Worst case there you pay the 50 bucks or whatever to send it back.

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I’m 6’4" too and similarly can never get a test ride on the right sized bike (even in a big city). I just take the measurements off the existing bike which I know fits, carefully compare to published geometry and take the plunge from there.

I’m on the edge between a 58cm & 60/61cm, so usually size down to the 58 in order to make re-sale easier. I also generally like the feel of a shorter wheelbase and am pretty flexible to accommodate my preferred handlebar drop over a shorter horizontal length.

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Thanks for the info guys, I think ill do some geometry crunching see what my options are.

Is there somewhere you can get a bike fit before buying? A shop with a jig or any XL bike to get your measurements on. Maybe then you will be able to find bikes/brands that fit your size and fit the best. It may cost you a little more upfront but possibly save you a bunch of headaches and time.

I’m following this thread but from the other end of the spectrum. I’m 5’3" and have never seen a bike in stock at the LBS that would fit me. I’m trying to buy my first big boy bike, and it looks like there’s not going to be anyway to test ride first.

Hey there. 6"6" guy here and am on a 63 Cannondale CAAD10 that my local bike shop luckily had in stock.

Have you tried reaching out to Giant, Specialized, Cannondale and any of the other big guys directly to let them do the searching for you?

They should know who had what in your area. Also are there any corporate stores around? I have GIANT and TREK stores in my area that SHOULD have a wide selection of sizes that should be able to help you out.

Best of luck

6’4" , same problem. I talked with the guys at my LBS and they didn’t have any in the shop I could ride, but one of them owned a bigger size bike (in the model I was considering) and brought it in and let me test ride it. Probably not a likely scenario, but it might be worth asking around.


I am in the same boat, 6’4” and the shops usually have one or two bikes in my size. Odds of finding a specific bike you are looking for are pretty slim in my experience.

I have had good luck with a local shop that has a bike fitting jig. They can dial in the geometry of a bike on the jig and give you a pretty good idea what it feels like. Not as much fun as a test ride but help focus on the more on geometry of the frame and less on the bars/saddle/wheels.

I live around Albany NY, it looks like there are a few trek “precision fit” places around, anyone have any experience with it?

This. Geometry from a fit will make your search a lot easier. I think there is even a calculator that spits out suitable frames when you type in your geo.

6’6" here. I got a full “bike sizing” before even looking. That gave me a stack and reach (for frame and bars) to work with. That helped me narrow down what I was looking for…those numbers gave me confidence that I could get a matching fit from a few select bikes.

Ultimately I called around and found a shop with both a 64cm Diverge and 64cm Roubaix both in stock (the luxury of two options!) Granted I had to drive 180 miles to get there.