Canyon H36 cockpit stem length wierdness

I’ve been riding medium sized Canyon Ultimates for a few years now. The first one had a 100mm stem and I used 3T ergonova bars. This worked fine.

Last year I bought a new frame with the integrated H36 cockpit. This was also a 100mm stem. Las year when I went for a bike fit the fitter raised his eyebrows somewhat at the reported stem length and reckoned it was effectively at least 120mm. Anyway, he said it was just about within my flexibility range.

I’ve measured the cockpit myself, and with reach taken into account, as far as I can tell it is definitely 120mm.

I’m only mentioning this today as I rode this bike for the first time in a few months yesterday and it killed my back. Pretty sure I’m going to swap it out now, which is a shame as it looks so cool…

So, is anyone else riding the H36, and do you find it too be a bit of a stretch?

Yeah, in my experience (Canyon Aeroad SLX 8.0), Canyon measures their stems shorter than they are. Don’t remember the exact numbers, but I think my bike came with a claimed 100mm stem, but it measured much closer to 110 c-to-c, not 100.

When I ordered a new integrated system (although not directly from Canyon), I had the same issue. The 110 measured more like a 120.

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I seem to recall something about Canyon measuring their integrated bar/stem setups differently than a two-piece setup. I have their V13 stem (110mm +/-6) and their H16 bars on my Aeroad 8.0 and I seem to recall if I had bumped up to the Di2/intergrated cockpit model it would’ve been roughly 10mm longer at the bars.

100mm?? The grey is the centreline of the bar…

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Ive hadthe h36 for a couple of years now and alays thought the same, until I compared it to a regular bar stem combo.
I think the difference comes with the width of the top of the ‘bars’ as my 90/390 was literally mm’s out with the same stem bar. because the top ofthe bars are so wide people tend to measure midway but you really need to measure to just past the T where the junction is.

I love mine

It’s hard to see from that photo where the end of your tape is. Are you measuring from the centre of the bolt?

Yes centre of the bolt

This photo shows where the grey line is in relation to the bar centre…

I love the way they look, and I like the drop on them, but I just feel too stretched out on them - which is why I measured them in the first place…

Hmm, mine are in storage at the moment, but I do remember measuring them and concluding that the length from the centre of the headset preload bolt (i.e. centre of the steerer tube) to the ‘effective’ centre of the bars was bang on what it was claimed to be. Do you feel stretched out when on the tops, the hoods or the drops (or all of them)? When on the tops I think the rear surface is where the heel of my hand locates, so I would consider the effective centreline of the tops to be about a normal bar radius forward of the rear surface of the bars, if that makes sense!?

From your tape though, if it’s really 100 mm to the rear surface of your bars then something is wrong - either yours aren’t 100 mm ones at all, the other end slipped or someone has messed with your tape! :slight_smile:

You know there are 7 different sizes of H36 cockpit available?

I wonder why there’s no 110 option?

OK, I’ve got my bike back now and have measured mine. Turns out I have the H11 bars, not H36. No idea what the difference is. 25 I guess. Anyway, mine are supposed to be 100 mm long and, from the centre of the stem bolt, 100 mm is a bit over 10 mm past the trailing edge of the bars. So not far from where the centreline of where some round bars would be. I do think that the trailing edge is the best reference point for the tops, due to the angle of one’s arms and hands. Anyway, here’s a photo to confirm: