Reach differences between with Canyon H31 integrated cockpit

Hi everyone, I’m stuck on what to do and would love some input. I have a Cannondale Topstone and Canyon Endurace. I had a fitting on both…saddle height and seat to bar drop is pretty much the same on both. I’ve had the Topstone longer, love the fit, and comfortably did 2 centuries on it last year. The Endurace has the H31 integrated cockpit and about 1.6cm more reach than the Topstone. I’d planned it this way initially thinking it would make sense to be stretched/lower a bit on the road bike. My fitter said both positions will work but the Endurace would definitely require me riding a bit lower so my shoulders don’t look as stretched. I don’t race, but plan to ride alot this year including 8 or so centuries. I’m hoping to eventually do a 5 hr solo century.

The H31 is the most comfortable set of bars I’ve used, I’m super comfy on the tops and in the drops, but I feel a bit stretched when riding on the hoods. I see my options like this…

  1. Get used to the lower position. Work on core etc. and maybe it’ll be worth it in the long run.

  2. Replace the H31 440x120mm cockpit with a 440x110mm version. 1 cm less reach would make the hoods more comfortable. Net cost is maybe $200 if I can sell my current bars.

  3. Get separate stem (aluminum) and aero drop bars to get a similar feel as the H31…wide tops are super comfy. Something like the Easton EC70 might work, and the net cost might be $100ish if I sell the current H31. This would allow more flexibility in changing the fit going forward.