Change Stem or Bar?

So a year or two I picked up an Easton carbon bar for a killer deal. I had never thought about reach on a bar before. Turns out this bar has a longer reach than my other bar. I really like the new bar though. The drops suit me much better. Does it make a difference whether reach is changed at the stem or the bar as long as the reach is correct?

What length stem are you currently using, the reach difference can’t be a lot but by shortening the stem you are bringing the bar closer to legs when standing as changing bars won’t effect that.

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@brown132 That did cross my mind. Right now I believe the stem is 110. I’ll have to check leg clearance.

Um, is the added reach a problem? As in, it gives you pain somewhere or you loose power? If not, just use it. Typically more reach aka more stretched out is more aero and thus faster.

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@splash Well… I guess it just feels too far lol. When I bought the bike it was six months old. I just rode it as it was set up becuase it felt right. Maybe I should give it a chance. I am going to get fit on this bike eventually which should tell me more.

I would post a pic of your position of you can

Typically the length difference should not be more than 10mm. So the question is whether the difference is really throwing things off for u

It is also far easier to change a stem than a bar, something to consider.

I wonder if this comparison tool might help.

If you shorten the stem by the right amount, you may reduce the reach to the hoods and drops to what your previous bar was, but tops will be closer. That OK with you?

Thanks everyone for your input. I ended up getting a fit done this weekend. I ended up with a shorter stem AND switching out to a bar that had less reach. I do feel a lot more comfortable on the bike now. Also ended up switching out to a wider seat and getting arch supports in my shoes. Was amazed to see how much difference the arch supports made in stabilizing my feet during the pedal stroke!

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Foot beds are a great upgrade for many older shoes and even current ones with insufficient support.

Sounds like you had a great fit and got some good results. Congrats! :smiley: