Canyon AeroRoad Tri-extensions

So, these have been out of stock for many months! I check the Canyon sight regularly and they are now available if anyone else has been impatiently waiting… they fit the H36 bars that come standard on the aeroroad.

I think it’s discontinued I’m afraid.

Nope, currently available… hence the message above. They were out of stock for a long time but are now available again. Just trying to spread the message if others have been looking for them.

Great news for the ultra-gravel crew

I’d love to get those, but sadly my Aeroad from 2018 came with the H11 handlebar, which has the same shape as the H36 but you risk losing your teeth if you put too much pressure on the aerobars…

I just got mine in the mail. The site mentions bar end shifters and the manual that comes with the TT bars show empty bar ends… But the rounded plugs that cane installed seem like they’re permanent. Any idea if these are just glued or really hard to remove?