Can't backpedal on Hammer

For some reason I can’t backpedal on my Hammer V1. Has anyone else had this issue? Wondering if it may need to be greased. TIA

Could be a dry freehub.

Can you spin it backwards by hand when you’re off the bike?

Never have I ever heard of such a thing. In all gears? Try the bike off the trainer?

When I pedaled backwards, the chain collapsed and shifted to the smallest cog.

Do not backpedal then? I thought trainers were designed to pedal forward not backward

Same thing happened on my Tacx Neo. The freehub bearing had seized. Bought a new freehub body (with bearing pressed in) and that solved the problem.

Tacx had redesigned the part to use a larger bearing and used steel components instead of aluminum, so apparently this was a common problem.

Backpedaling helps the rider keep his/her legs moving without resistance in erg mode.


That’s not good advice or a solution to what is obviously a mechanical problem that’s not performing as designed.

Additionally, it’s necessary for proper freewheeling in order ro do a spindown calibration. From what’s been mention, this might not work at the moment and is not good.

This needs a proper fix.

  1. Take your bike off.

  2. Try to spin the cassette backwards by hand.

  3. If it spins backwards and makes the normal freewheel sound, it likely means you have an issue with the bike and related derailleur settings.

  4. If it doesn’t spin backwards like normal, then the freehub and pawls in there are likely dry or seized.

Do these tests and let us know what happens, and we can make more suggestions.

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Update: finally got around to fixing it (life got in the way); removed the hub and cleaned the grease out. The prawls were a little sticky, so I gave them a good cleaning. Applied new grease et voila! I can backspin with no issues and when I stop pedalling, the noise is much lower. Thanks for the help!