Can you get faster on a vegan diet? with Dr.Alistair Monteyne - Science of Getting Faster Podcast Ep. 15

With the list of motivations to eat vegan growing, we asked Dr. Monteyne if endurance athletes can get faster by consuming a vegan diet. Can you get enough protein on a vegan diet? What are the bests sources of protein for vegan athletes? Are we missing essential amino acids on a vegan diet? What do we need to keep in mind if we decide to go vegan while training as an endurance athlete? Dr. Monteyne tells us everything we need to know about vegan diets for endurance athletes.


(0:00) Welcome!
(0:18) What are the challenges for athletes following a vegan diet?
(1:23) What’re the differences between animal and non animal protein sources?
(12:14) What did Dr. Alistair Monteyne find in his study
(13:38) How do his results affect endurance athletes
(36:06) Are there risks to missing out on certain nutrients from animal protein?
(38:51) Optimal daily protein intake for endurance athletes
(43:53) Vegan snack recommendations


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While the research on the performance of vegan micro-proteins from Dr. Monteyne is really very interesting, I would have liked to have seen a guest (such as a registered dietitian, maybe?) be able to cover the subject of a vegan diet more broadly, at least broadly enough to cover endurance athletes.

Maybe a follow-up episode would be useful?

Consider Michael Greger from - he regularly reviews the scientific studies in his coverage of various vegan-diet subjects, has published a couple of books, works for a non-profit, and is an excellent speaker.