Can you add too much endurance work?

Currently doing Sustained Power Mid-Volume. My A event is in October and will be somewhere in the 16-20 hour range. I am extending the Thursday workout with an extra 15 minutes of riding at 65-70%. I am adding an endurance(Pettit, Bald Knob, Beech, etc.) ride to Fridays. Lastly, I am extending my Saturday workout with additional time at 65-70% to stretch the workout to 2hrs.

I am curious, is this beneficial or is it diluting the signaling I am sending my body and costing me gains? Would I be better off to split the intervals from the endurance work by doing a morning endurance ride, then intervals in the afternoon?

Don’t know scientific reasoning behind it but it should be beneficial. If you look SusPBHV plan, most of high intensity workouts there have added Z2 time after intervals.

The question, and answer, has to take into account the fatigue, recovery, rest and nutrition.

Then, is the work already enough to get the adaptations you need? If not, then, is the additional work adding the desired benefit?

There is an implied assumption that you need to do a lot of work to get better, you may in fact find MV alone or even LV provides optimal stimulus.


From what you are describing, you’re doing just fine. I believe Nate was doing this for a while.

You can certainly add Z2 to your rides.

Z2 really is the best way to add volume if you can’t step up from a medium volume to a high volume plan consistently. I personally add in some long Z2 rides to my training plan when I have the time. I feel like it helps in the long run. I like to put a really big ride near the end of training blocks when I will have a recovery week following it.

In my opinion you can add Z2 work in judiciously into your training cycle with a lower risk of over fatiguing than the other zones.

It isn’t providing a negative impact in regards to fatigue, recover, or nutrition.

I could handle the HV plans most likely but I Like to have the room to add long rides on the weekends if the weather is good, which I don’t think I would be able to do if I was doing the HV plan. I was just concerned if adding 15-45 minutes of Z2 was sending mixed signals and disrupting potential adaptations.

If anything, I’d think you’re not adding nearly enough endurance work.

What kind of event is this? Solo or relay?

Fatigue from the saddle time is going to be a huge limiting factor, IMO. I’d want a few 8-10 hour endurance rides under my belt to prepare for something like this.

And it could be, but for perhaps reasons not expected. More is not always better was my main point.

However, very generally speaking, I would say that more easy effort, aerobic exercise is almost always beneficial.

I am making sure to add a number of 6-10 hour rides between now and October, It’s the only way to test/prove my fueling strategy will work, IMO.

I seem to remember the TR Team discussing this in a recent Podcast. Think it was three episodes back.

Coach Chad did say that additional endurance doesn’t benefit or play nicely after certain types of workout. Might be beneficial to hunt this info down.

That said, we’re doing the same plan with personal tweaks here and there. It sounds like we’re both aiming for a similar goal too :+1: