Can we get a TR Connect IQ app for Garmin Wearables & Outdoor Workouts? (Feature Request)

I have been using the outdoor workouts pushed to my Fenix 5. However, they’re a little clunky (especially the “rest until lap press” that invariably I forget to press lap) and don’t always work right.

What are the chances we can get a ConnectIQ app like vdot02’s that pulls workouts directly from TR and does the intervals properly?

Thanks for taking the time to share your feature request @majorsensible.

Unfortunately, we do not have plans to develop a Garmin IQ application at this time. It would be a very time and development extensive undertaking, and we feel that the current method is simple and works quite well. That being said, we are always here to listen to feedback and look for specific areas where we can improve.

May I ask what you wish was specifically different with outside workouts? Aside from the “rest until lap press” feature, what would you improve? The rest until lap press feature was done deliberately on our part to allow more flexibility for people to find suitable roads for their next set, which is a feature that we feel is important for both the safety and success of the workout.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts :+1: .

Thanks for the feedback. I guess I am unique in that my roads locally are lightly trafficked with traffic circles, with no stoplights or stop signs, so finding suitable roads for the next set is not a concern.

Sticking to the exact times of the intervals is less of a problem for me than remembering to press “lap”.

Maybe if the workout was set up not to use “rest” steps but instead to use “bike” steps set to the rest power target to replace “rest”.

As stated elsewhere, for some reason Tallac didn’t work today, it only gave me 2x15 intervals with 3 min rest after each; no warmup and no cooldown. Having the correctly set up workout push to the device is important.

Thanks for listening!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your detailed feedback. We really do appreciate it :+1:.

This is an issue that we have been seeing periodically when Garmin Connect pushes our workouts to the head unit. Somewhere along the way, the workout gets corrupted and drops intervals, seemingly at random.

I just checked Tallac in our records and we pushed the correct version of the workout (with warmup and cooldown included) to Garmin Connect. We are studying this issue and trying to work with Garmin to help them identify the cause of the issue, but sadly the issue is largely out of our hands. For now, I would recommend checking to ensure the correct workout shows up on your head unit, and if it seems like the file was corrupted, delete and re-sync the workout to get the accurate version.

If you find yourself having regular issues with workouts corrupting, please let us know at so that we can take a closer look :+1:

I was wondering if TR would make an IQ app also. I was thinking it would then be in TR control what to show and easy of setup. Maybe display a bit more text. It is very hard to see what is coming next the way Garmin does it. Chad could spur us on like indoors.

I understand the engineering time maybe too high. That is a shame. I would suggest this is the use case Garmin thought IQ apps would be used for. I am yet to find any IQ app that is worth installing.