Can’t load ramp test - anyone else?

Same here on web in US.

It didn’t load for me this morning on Android (in Canada) I ended up doing it on my laptop (it did end up uploading to the server, though it took 5ish minutes). On my phone the “checking for adaptations” graphic wouldn’t stop running. That said, as of now (9:24am eastern) the career, train now, and calendar pages either won’t load or will load and then kick me to an “Ouch! We’ve taken a nasty spill!” message (again with the “checking for adaptations” dialogue never finishing).

iOS (iPad) issue here in US. I see the spinning circle and also ‘checking adaptations’, trying to load workout from the calendar I get a blank screen. :frowning:

Guess I will have to do an outdoor workout this afternoon.

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also getting errors in Windows trying to use TrainNow to change my scheduled workout. I get the “nasty spill” message.

Still down in the UK