Can I turn off AI FTP detection for certain rides?

I have a couple different bikes with power meters. Specifically on my road bike, I’ve realized a couple years ago now that my FTP is much lower (20-30W) on that bike than the bike that i do most of my training and racing on.

This may be a combination of the PM calibration being different than my mountain bike, but I also think the position my road bike puts me in decreases my ability to push out W. Whatever the cause, I never train on my road bike but I have started commuting again.

Is there a way to turn off AI FTP analyzing my commutes? I am pretty sure when it see’s my HR and power that it’s going to understate my abilities when i get on my XC bike, and my XC bike, and my performance on it, is what matters to me.

Yes, clicking on the ‘pencil’ symbol brings this up, you just un click AI FTP Detection.