Can I do Leadville without a crew?

Hi. Coming from Uk on my own. Is it going to be ok to do this without crew ? What can I expect ?

No problem. I did it once with a crew, once without.

It’s the same amount of advance prep - you need to get everything together that you think you’ll need, and organize it in an appropriate bag - a transparent plastic bag in the event you are using a drop bag.

I’d say the time for each pit stop is the same with both. There’s usually 2-3 volunteers helping you - one holding your bike, one filling pack/bottles with water, and one getting your drop bag.

The one difference I noticed is psychological - it’s nice to see someone you know at the aid stations.

I’d recommend having a drop bag at the Twin Lakes aid station. That way you need only one drop bag.

Get something like this - fully transparent, with a wide zippered opening, so easy to dig around and find what you need.


Thanks. Great advice. I’m hoping I will still be able to come out but who knows. Cheers.

Looking forward to further replies on this post. I have Leadville in my sights - but would be unlikely to have support at the race (UK based too).

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Fantastic. I thought it would just me !!! When are you travelling out ? I’m going in 24 hours before.

I did it without a crew a few years ago. I sent a ziplock bag with some food and Advil (incase of altitude headache) to the aid station at the top of Columbine. I just used neutral aid at the twin lake stops. In addition to the awesome volunteers, I had multiple other crew folk ask if I needed anything. I maybe could have saved a few minutes with my own crew but was just fine without. Enjoy your day at Leadville, its a great experience!