Leadville Crew for Hire?

Hi Guys and Gals, I will be racing Leadville this year and family won’t be able to join me so I won’t have a crew. Wondering if anyone has any referrals for paid crew outfits they would recommend?

I don’t know about crew for hire, but the race is fully supported and they do a great job at the aid stations. My wife crews for me, but I wouldn’t hesitate to do the race with just the regular aid stations. Actuallymy wife just crews at twin lakes and then I’ll typically hit pipeline inbound and maybe carter for quick fluid top off. Those “stops” are maybe 10-20 seconds, they have volunteers with pitchers quickly filling bottles.

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You can do drop bags too. I spent a total of 6 minutes stopped last year with two drop bag stops and 2 quick pee breaks.

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Vail skier detected :smiley: