Bike maintenance tools for a race trip

Hey all
Working on my checklist for my trip to Leadville. What does everyone bring with them for a bike vacation or race?

I have a Google Sheet


I might take a few more tubes and CO2 cannisters if I’m not flying, but I dont take much more than I would on a local ride.
A mini pump,
Tyre levers
A Dynaplug
CO2 canister
A tube
A quick link
Park patches

A track pump if its a car trip is about the only thing I’ll take that I don’t take on a ride :smiley:


Really really nice list Chad!

The only other thing i can think of is that I always have a 2032 battery for SRAM shifters, but that’s probably the same as the HRM battery you listed.

I also bring a med kit (aspirin, ibuprofen, bio freeze, soap, tagaderm, etc.)


Spare hanger
Bike pump with hose
Spare tubeless valve
Small torque wrench

Multi Tool and 8mm Allen key

Then my usual bike tools that stay on the bike have me covered.

All assuming you check your pads and bleed, chain condition and tyres before you head out.

If I didn’t have access to a bike shop I’d take a spare chain, pads, and tyre.

Depends if you’re flying or driving. I’m driving out to Leadville myself, pretty much bringing everything. Tools, spares, bike stand. Have it all packed pretty good in small plastic containers.

Better to have and not need if you’ve got the room and can pack well…


One tool I bring that’s not in that solid Google Sheet list is a derailleur hanger alignment gauge. It’s a bit large, not cheap, and very single-purpose as far as race tools, but I’ve also tweaked my hanger during pre-ride, so I like to be able to fix it up if needed.

I added a line for that right under the “Charge Shifting” section.

Thanks for the idea :smiley:

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I added a line for that, thanks :smiley:

Glad to see you included a disc spreader on the list…Seems like that is often an overlooked but essential tool.


Most of my bikes have rim brakes but I use a spacer to keep the pads open on my gravel bike when I have the front wheel out.

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Yup, great for travel to keep pad creep from being an issue. And it’s just a thing I have in my tool box for the times I mess up and want a pad reset.

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Aside from the usual, a pair of pliers, wire cutters and scissors can each come in handy in many different scenarios.

As a general guideline for pre race repair kits, If your bike is working at home, the most likely reason it won’t be working at the start of the race is a transportation mishap or pre race crash. So, pack a spare set of wheels to replace the one you ran over or trashed and tools to readjust stuff that got knocked (e.g. Spare derailleur hanger, every allen wrench + your torque wrench).

So do I, but even then there is almost always a touch of pad rub when I put my bike back together.


I’ve never had that problem myself but I only take the front wheel out and its transported in a car where I’m in control but I’ll have to remember that if I take a bike fully apart and fly with it :slight_smile:

I pack the stuff to do a hydraulic bleed for some trips as well. Haven’t had to use it so far, but there was one trip where I wanted it. Can always pick up fluid at some store.

On the topic of brakes:

I use a spacer, have the pad spreader, and I’ll add that here’s a quick and easy tool for brake caliper alignment if you start to get rubbing, just need this plus the appropriate sized allen key:

I also like to make sure I have rubber gloves and paper towels, and will bring (or buy) rubbing alcohol. While we’re on the topic of brakes, I always make sure to clean pad spreader, spacer blocks, and always wear clean gloves before touching rotors or pads as they’re easy to contaminate

And, I bring some fine sandpaper and spare pads if I have to replace pads, clean / resurface rotors, and then bed in new pads.

I like Gear Floss for cleaning:

Maybe I’m over the top, but I also like having a bottom bracket I know can be serviced quickly and easily. After some initial setup / spacer issues, I have a BBInfinite in my XC bike. I can totally disassemble my cranks and all of the spacers for the BB, clean, re-grease, re-assemble in about 10-15 minutes. It also doesn’t have the finicky little rubber O-rings my SRAM one did that can (and did eventually) tear in half. If I had to, I could clean and re-lube the BB Bearings too.

I can also remove, clean, reinstall a cassette. And, I can pop off end caps for hubs, and driver off the rear, and do a superficial cleaning / regrease if needed.

I’ve removed my headset bearings and cleaned / re-packed those in about 15-20 minutes.

Much of this came from a recent mud-fest at the Lutsen 99er, where I was going somewhere else to keep riding before coming home.

May sound like over the top, but most of what I’ve suggested doesn’t require anything special. Breaker bar, appropriate size socket, torque wrench being the biggest when dealing with higher torques you find on BB, Cassette, Rotor Lock Rings.

Everything I would normally bring on a ride, plus a floor pump. Sometimes a cooler with a sandwich, extra bottles, and some beer. Possibly a backpack with a change of clothes.

No more, no less. Of course I dont fly anywhere for races…

Sweet! Good luck on Leadville :raised_hands:t2:

@mcneese.chad list is pretty top notch!

If you are interested, there also these podcast clips about Leadville: