Can I do a Ramp test on my Garmin 520

I was hoping to be able to push my workouts to my Garmin 520 including my ramp test. I can’t seem to find a way to be able to get any of them to go to the unit.

Am I missing something?

You would need to use the Outside option, but it doesn’t exist for the Ramp test. TR doesn’t expect (or want?) people to do the Ramp outside and likely didn’t add that option on purpose.

But I think they should activate it since there’s at least a reason or two that someone might want to run the Ramp test via a head unit, even inside.

One is the ability to run it for unsupported hardware like the old PowerBeam Pro, but I bet others make sense too.

We might want to edit this into a Feature Request to get the Outside option turned on?

As I haven’t done a Ramp test before, only ever done full FTP tests I don’t know the requirements of it. But I know that I’m used to looking at my garmin and not at my Ipad for the TrainerRoad app. I could see a case for this but I’ll wait to do at least one test so I sound educated. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it’s possible physically since you’d have to find a way to add intervals on the fly after 20 minutes (if you go past it).

That all depends on how they port the workout.

There’s no reason they couldn’t just make a 1 hour (or longer?) workout that easily covers all but the absolute worst guesses for starting FTP at the beginning of the Ramp Test.

It might not include the “smart” function when you pause, and switch to “complete” for the cool down feature. But that would not be necessary for this purpose.