Can I change a lap/interval that I've added in post-ride analysis?

I’ve created an interval in my outside ride. It has my entire race, but I think I got the timing wrong. I can’t seem to edit or delete the interval I’ve created. There’s a button on the right of each interval in the interval summay which looks like it should give me options, doesn’t work though. What am I missing?

Edit: I was using my phone to record the race and didn’t trust the battery to see me though, so I turned off GPS recording. I don’t have a GPS track for this “outside” ride.


  1. Expand the desired custom interval

    • (So you can see the info and map).
  2. Click the [Edit] button at the bottom right.

  1. Make your changes and click [Save].
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Thanks Chad! That’s why the button doesn’t do anything - I don’t have a GPS track for this ride. Just power, cadence and HR. I guess this is a special snowflake case. :sleepy: