Can a rotor q ring work with a round ring

I was given a 52t qring, I would prefer to not spend $50 on a new chainring. I currently have been using round rings, Is it possible to keep using my 36t chainring as a little ring and put the q ring as a big ring? currently using sram force 22 (set up 2x) if that helps. as for crank im using an fsa slk.

I have done the opposite. I have a round big ring and an inner q ring. It works for me. Some say there are more shifting problems. This hasn’t occurred for me with the correct derailleur adjustment.

I’ve got a 52 Q outer ring with 39 tooth inner on my TT bike running ultegra mechanical. No problems. Need the spacer to adjust the position of the front mech.

As others have said, yes it can work - my regular riding buddy runs an oval outer ring on an otherwise standard Di2 setup. My experience with Q rings is that derailleur position needs to be spot on, and even then you can get some chainsuck between the 2 rings every now and again. If I were running 1x, I’d have an oval chainring every time, as for me I think they offer some advantages, but as a 2x, my experience was the shifting wasn’t great.