Can I use this 42t-chainring on my setup?


I’ve been offered this 42t-chainring of the brand Wickwerks for a very good price.

But can I use it as my small ring? Or does it only “fits” as big ring?

My setup now is 42-52-chainrings, 11-speed, 11-34-casette, Quarq DZero DUB, 5-bolt, 110mm.

I want the Wickwerks 42t-chainring as my little ring. Can i do that?


Just get a thighter spaced casette like a 11-28 or 11-26 and ride more in the 52. Would it technically work? Maybe, I don’t know. But why would you want to do that? Doesn’t make sense to me.

It’s hard to explain, why my question is relevant. But it is :wink:
And oops - my casette is a 11-28, not 11-34. My mistake.

My guess would be no unfortumately. The linked to ring is an outer and you are wanting to use it as a inner, all the chain ramps will be the wrong way. BTW if you can use a 42inner you are mega :muscle:

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I think it will work as a small ring, ramps, pins etc don’t matter as a small (its a 2x right).