📷 Camera to take on rides 📷

Any photographers out there have recommendations on cameras to shoot photos while out on rides? Something that’ll give better results than an iPhone or GoPro.

I really like the Ricoh GR II that I have. Ricoh has recently updated it, GR III. It has a large sensor for the camera size. It is a fixed focal length, 28mm equivalent. So if you want a zoom this won’t be a good fit.


I 'm a Nikon guy. So use a Nikon 1 j1 that came with 2 lenses

When you say give better results than gopro or iPhone what exactly do you mean? What do you want to do with the photos? Are you printing them or just for online?

Gopro quality is good for online, if you know what you’re doing you can get very good gopro pictures. If you want / need depth of field then you need something else. I don’t rate phone photos at all.

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I was thinking the same as this. And I often favour my phone camera over my digital SLR unless I’m shooting moving objects, like sports photography

I have a Sony RX100 Mk3 that I’ve never took on a ride because the iPhone is in my jersey anyway. I take lots of pictures with my phone and shoot from the hip but can’t be bothered to take good photos (quality wise) on a ride. I think it depends on what your main focus is - the ride or the pictures. If you’re going somewhere scenic you won’t have the chance to visit again maybe take a small point and shoot like the ricoh or sony. Otherwise just take pictures with your phone. Those photos coming out of recent (2 yearish) phones are printable up to A4 if they are well exposed and decently edited. Much more important than a good camera is good light and an interesting composition - no one’s asking the cook about his pots and pans either.

Recently picked up a Google Pixel 3a - plenty good enough for a normal bike ride. It’s actually surprisingly good, don’t feel the need to take the camera out half as much now.
I’d only take the interchangeable lens camera bike packing/touring.

The Sony RX100 series of cameras are excellent if you are looking for something that fits in a jersey pocket, yet if very capable. I believe they are up to version VII now, but older versions are available at lower prices. The IV or Va are both very good and worth a look.

That being said, phone cameras continue to get better. I have a Pixel 3 XL and it takes very good pictures and since I always take it on rides I rarely bring my RX100 along these days. The iPhone 11 is following the same path as the Pixel with a dedicated processor for photos, and from what I have seen is also producing great results.


I mainly use IPhone and Gopro
I shoot everything in RAWS…

Other than that X100t fixed or with a wide converter. Will probly switch to a Sony a6400 by Christmas.

Just check out IG @shutupkevin (shameless plug)

I like to shoot with a Nikon J5 and 32mm lens when I’m out on my bicycle.

Here’s a few photos I’ve shot with it recently.


GR3 might be the way to go

Piling on to this thread, as it’s something I’m going to be interested in the summer. I sweat a ton, so I have my phone in a waterproof Joto brand bag, otherwise the sweat makes the screen unresponsive. This makes taking pictures a bit tedious, as I have to pull my phone out of the bag, take the shot, reseal the bag, and it’s not a quick process. I was considering having a low-cost point-and-shoot which has reasonably good image quality and an automatic lens cover so I could just pull, point, and shoot.

Any suggestions on something worthwhile in the sub $100 USD range?

Another vote for the Sony RX 100. I bought it based on @Jonathan recommendation about 18 months ago and have never regretted it as a simple point and shoot.

I normally just bring my phone on rides, but I also have an Olympus Stylus TG-860 for when I think I’ll be riding somewhere scenic. It’s waterproof to 50ft and also says it’s shockproof to 7ft (whatever that means). It takes excellent photos, fits easily in a jersey pocket and I don’t have to worry that i’ll damage it via sweat/rain/mud/crashing. It’s probably been updated - I bought mine about 5 years ago.

Check out the Rapha Cargo bibs. They have a pocket on the side of your quads. I‘ll be getting these for next summer because I too sweat a lot and the lens is always wet, which compromises image quality.

Huh, that sounds pretty cool let me take a …

($270 USD)

… naw, I think I’m good :expressionless:

We have the Olympus TG-4. I usually just carry it in a jersey pocket but it also fits nicely in my top tube bag. Last year I sent it flying across the road in a crash and it’s no worse for the wear.
We’ve also abused it on multi-day trail running trips in the rockies, canoe camping, and backpacking through snowstorms.
In fact the only damage I’ve been able to do to it was a when I missed a wave in the ocean and it threw me into the beach and the view screen scraped across the sand.

Looks like they’re on versions 5 and 6 these days.

My vote also goes for the Sony RX100. It takes good photos, have an OK zoom, and it’s small and handy.

I’m on my third now. One got crushed when it fell out of a top tube bag going down a gnarly descent a few years back. One stopped working due to sweat and humidity from my back pocket. Now I usually keep it on me with a strap so it’s out in the open, when the weather allows that is. And I put it in a plastic bag and away if it starts to rain.

Most of the photos on my Instagram @evenskaar is taken with a RX100.

I bought a Fuji Finepix XP 140 at Costco to take with me on rides. It’s waterproof to 25 meters so I don’t worry about it getting all sweaty in my back pocket. I stick the lanyard out of my pocket. It’s pretty easy to stick my hand through the lanyard to pull it out, turn on the camera and snap a picture on the move one handed.