Calorie consumption- Wahoo with power meter

The app update also indicates changes to the way it calculates calories if from a heart rate source, so that should answer the question above as well as hopefully getting back to the land of reason in calorie calculations.

I’m around 200lbs, but there are times when Wahoo would tell me I had burned 970 calories in a 1-hour work out of pretty much rolling around.

I’m a big fan of wahoo, but the last two weeks the app hasn’t worked for me at all, just crashing when I open it. My wahoo cadence sensor also wouldn’t show on my ELEMNT (though it apparently tracked cadence fine as its shown up in my post-ride data). My power meter started dropping out completley on my last couple of rides which is what led me to using the cadence sensor in the first place, so its been a wierd time in Wahoo land here at the Casa De Cazadore.

My complaints are just that, Wahoo has always fixed this sort of stuff really fast in the past, and I’m sure they will here too. I didn’t check for an update to the app which has apparently already been out for a week and would likely have solved my problem, so it’s at least partially on me. (despite the fact that I have auto-updates on for app store items, apple still doesn’t update some apps without manual intervention.).

I’ve been having to power cycle my head unit to get it to upload. They need to figure out their software.

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knock on wood, I’ve ever had that problem. When I get home it auto pauses, and switches to “End Ride?” so I’m assuming its a geofencing thing with it only happening here, but then always uploads just fine as long there is a wifi connection, and even when I’m remote, it finds my phone and syncs to Strava pretty seamlessly.

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As an update, there is another issue cropping up on the wahoo google groups. The calorie counts are appearing to be wrong when using a power meter (only limited to assiomas?), as the kJs are off. I did a ride where ridewithgps and trainer road show 1600kj work, but elemnt is showing 1200. Anyone else seen this issue after the latest firmware update?



Same here. Have Assioma Duos and it is 20-30% under my kJ count pretty consistently.


I’ve had the same problem with Assioma Duos and the kJ count. My Elemnt is showing about 30% under what I’d be expecting for my workouts.

I use Assiomas and Elemnt Bolt too.

A 3 x 20 min sweet spot ride from this morning: 1827 kJ according to Training Peaks (below), 1495 kJ according to Wahoo…

Manual calc = av. power NOT NP) x duration x 3.6.
Calories = 240W x 2 x 3.6 = 1728 cal

I’m guessing to kJ from Training Peaks is the most accurate (in terms of energy) - but that’s just because it’s the highest… :+1:


@RobC Do you have a link to the Wahoo Google Group thread?


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Can’t you just use the kJ field as a simple proxy for calories burned? Looking at my TR workouts, that number is generally quite similar to kCal with kCal being a little less than the kJ number in most cases. Seems like a simpler solution to this problem than all this syncing stuff to just reference a different number.

It’s the Kj field which is inaccurate.

This is the response I had a couple of months ago when I raised a ticket:

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Dear all,

I want to know if this situation is still happening. I’m looking for a new bike computer, but my power meter is Assioma Duo, so I’m worried about this problem.

Thank you!