Different calorie expenditure values

So, I’ve noticed 2 different platforms are giving me different calorie expenditure values and I don’t know which one to go with…

TR and my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt are both set to the same PM, same FTP etc etc, both running side by side.

This morning for example I did Colloseum -2. TR gave me a calorie expenditure of 652 (664 kJ) whereas my Wahoo says 761 (664kJ). Both identical IF and TSS…

I’m confused

I think this Topic with the link inside covers it really well.

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I understand all of that, but i’m using 2 means of collecting data from exactly the same sensors and uploading them both to exactly the same software however they’re both giving different values for calorie expense. Even though all other data fields are identical…

They are using different efficiency values to convert between kJ and Cal. I would guess TR is using 24% and Wahoo is using 21% which sis why Wahoo says it takes more Calories to produce the same work.

Now that makes more sense…but which one ‘should’ be the more realistic value?

They’re both very likely wrong. And they’re both very likely within the error range of your ability to estimate caloric intake. Not abundantly helpful, I suppose.

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TR use power values for Calories consumption, the Bolt just the HR data, even if you have a powermeter

Oh really??? Why would that be?

don’t know but you should trust TR for cal consumption

Fair one…but that now begs the obvious question about training/riding outside where TR isn’t involved.

on my last outside ride I have 1977 kj/Cal on TR that is coherent with Goldencheetah, 1977 kj
the bolt however is 2570cal, so I would trust TR also for outdoor ride (if you have powermeter)