Calories Burnt with HR

I’ve never used heart rate before, just power. I recently started using Garmin HR with my Wahoo Bolt, and suddenly my calories seem really low? like 285 for a z2 ride. My intervals seem normal, which is pretty close to my power output.

I do have a pretty low HR despite my age (max is just under 180 and i’m 30).

This is on Training Peaks, haven’t done a TR workout with HRM yet.

Any ideas?

You might be experiencing the same issue that affects my low intensity rides. Basically Wahoo defaults the calorie burn rate to 105 when your HR falls below a certain threshold. I reported it to Wahoo and they’ve since done nothing to fix it.

Don’t rely on heart rate to calculate calories - it’s all total guesswork and, particularly for trained athletes, will greatly underestimate the actual work your body is doing

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This thread seems appropriate to raise a point ia came across last night.
Someone using FulGaz was saying that FG and their Polar HRm were showing different calories burned , which was accurate. The FG man said that FG would be accurate because they calculate from watts and not HR which is notoriously unreliable.
I had done a ride in FulGaz this week and my calorie stats were

1 hour, 68 TSS.
FG 827, TP 827, TR 692, Strava 692.

I deduce from those numbers that Strava calculates on HR and TR just reads that in from Strava and does not recalculate based on watts. I have a PM and a HRM on so both sets of data are available.