Calorie alert on Garmin

Hey peoples.
Just wondering what people set the calorie alert on Garmin devices to?
I also see the new Garmin have hydration tracking and alerts as well but it looks a bit gimmicky to me. Anyone use them?

Yes, I use both while riding outside. Just to not forget to eat and drink. I have set the drink reminder to 10 minutes and the calorie alert to about 500. Not scientifically proven, just to not forget… Cheers!

Mine are only set outdoors.

10 minutes for drink and 100 Cal.

I also try and get out of the saddle for a few seconds after having the drink.

I just started using the “Smart” nutrition and drink alerts on my 530 that I run along with TR workouts. It bases the suggestions on your power/HR in the ride as well as ambient temperature. Seems to work pretty well! It reminds me to down a gel or two on the harder interval sessions that I usually don’t bother with and it makes a big difference to have those calories.

I’m also using Smart on a 530, with both the Indoor and Outside profiles. I like the post-ride “how many calories did you consume and how much did you drink?” tracking, but it will only ask for inside/outside rides that are longer than 90 minutes. Wish that tracking would sync with other platforms (e.g. WKO, TR).

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I use the ‘smart’ setting as well. I’ve found it works quite well, at least for me… If anything, it’s a good reminder to eat/drink.

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