California Coast Classic training plan?

I’ve got all of my fundraising done for the 2020 CCC which for those that do not know is the Arthritis Foundation’s ride from Fisherman’s Warf in San Francisco to Santa Monica Pier. The vast majority of the ride is on California Highway 1, aka the Pacific Coast Highway and as such is limited to 250 riders.

I did the ride 17 years ago and made due with doing many long days with an average of 2,500 feet of climbing on the weekends. I’m in my early 50s now and I think I need a more structured plan.

Obviously there isn’t a TR option for 535 miles over 8 days. So what is a good set of plans for that distance with best performance coming first week of October?

I live in the SF Bay Area so access to climbs isn’t an issue and I also have a Kinetic R1 that I’ve been using for 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour TR & Zwift sessions. Workout in TR “group rides” in zwift.

Penny for your thoughts.

Plan Builder, Stage Race.

Should pick sweet spot base, sustained power, century. High Volume. You should have base already, if not, it’s going to hurt a lot to get ready by October. I would’ve started preparing in Jan, or even earlier like last year with a really long base build.

High Volume may have too much intensity packed in, in that case you can do a couple of things, but it depends on your schedule. Insert rest weeks (manually shift start dates, perhaps?). Or insert rest days, which means staggering work. Such as going to a 9 or 10 day week, instead of 7 to do 2 things, add in more recovery, and add in more Z2 work. These will all be manual adjustments.

My $0.02.