Calibration: When do you know?

In the last two weeks I have felt that the calibration has been off (i.e. resistance seems low/workout is easy).

Last week it happened once; following days the exercise felt normal.

This week yesterday felt easy, today felt not as easy but didn’t feel like a sweet spot load (Tallac) from a resistance perspective.

But today following from yesterday’s experience I thought maybe my calibration was off so I thought let me do a 10 min warmup ride on Zwift; then I did the Wahoo (Wahoo Kickr Core) spin down and then I opened up TR and did the calibration/spin down there.

Yet the workout still felt “not right”.

In summary, how do you know when things are ok? This is the first time I’ve felt this in sometime. Should I just bump up the intensity if I feel resistance is too low as a stop-gap solution?

Or did I suddenly need to do another FTP Test? But I guess I still am curious to know - when do you know if you’re calibrated things well, is there a bench mark test that you use to gauge this?

Thanks in advance and I tried to search maybe I used the wrong keywords or question structure but couldn’t really find a topic (sorry if this has been asked before).

One option is to capture your calibration results in the Wahoo app, then forward those to Wahoo support for review.

You mention calibration, but there is also an Advanced or Factory Spindown Calibration option. Maybe you’ve done this, but if not, it’s worth a try. For some issues, you can run the Adv/Fact calibration, then a regular calibration and see how it feels (while also capturing the calibration data for possible review).


Thanks Chad. I’ll give the advanced one a go (haven’t done this) and see how tomorrow’s workout pans out.

Stupid question, when you say capture the calibration data, where and how?

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If you calibrate in the Wahoo app, it gives you some data at the end.

Get a screen capture or jot down the Time & Temp values:

I think the Advanced will give you those and at least one more value (brake strength?), so capture that info as well. (can’t find a ref pic, but I am pretty sure there is more data).


Thanks - really appreciate it.

Don’t entirely write of the idea that it could be gains! During some of the weeks in my last block, certain workouts felt easier than I expected them to be and when I hit my ramp test yesterday, I had a 16-watt bump. So this all could just come down to you getting and feeling fitter!


Agreed. As the gang says, the days when you think your power meter is broken or off may just be you ripping it :smiley:


Gave it a try this morning but didn’t get any additional data. will try again later prior to my workout (will do the Zwift warm up; advanced/factory and TR spindowns).

I generally don’t do the Zwift warm up; normally let it idle, do some light pedaling and then do the TR spindown and have been fine (I think?).

So will start putting the Zwift warm up as a standard routine.

If this fails and today’s workout also feels off (Palisade) then FTP test tomorrow haha

For additional context, I do switch off the power lead to my trainer after every ride (hence I do the spindown every ride)

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