Calibration shortcut?

Hi, does anyone know a shortcut/easy way of pulling up the PM calibration screen (on a PC)?

I typically start TR, the front page shows me my workout, I open it – and then want to calibrate/zero.


Click on devices at bottom of screen…then can calibrate

Thanks; sometimes that page doesn’t show my device (!). It shows buttons to turn on/off Bluetooth and Ant+ and it shows that I have 1 device paired. But doesn’t show my PM.

Other times I see a box with my PM details in the top left of the main screen. And then I need to click through to the PM. And then I need to click on ‘Calibrate’.

Was hoping that there was (could be) a Calibrate option/shortcut on the workout screen.

Hi. This is the screen I get. What is the easiest way to calibrate from here?

That is missing a trainer… but you should follow these steps:


This link also has an animated pic that shows the steps.

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Thanks. So if my PM is missing do I need to reach out to support?

(The image shows that I have a 1x PM paired)

Yeah, despite the statement at the top of the screen in your pic, the lack of any actual device in the main screen is an issue.

Probably best to contact at this point.

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