Access to Calibrate when loading a workout [Feature Request]

it would be nice to have a calibrate button when loading and starting the workout, so i don’t have to go back to the devices menu when getting on the trainer. i observed that i often don’t zero my powermeter because i’m too lazy to do that.


I know we discussed this recently but can’t find the thread right now. I will merge this if I find the related post.

I’m too lazy to get on my bike :wink:


one more thing i just thought about. i use my computer and it’s too far too reach while on the bike. maybe i could extend the cool down (and warm up?) before i even start the workout? i imagine it should be a relative easy fix.

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That has also been requested. In the absence of that, I recommend that people get a wireless mini keyboard or mouse stationed close to their bike. It is useful for app control, but also entertainment and other uses.

And somewhat related, but it’s a mistake anything is “easy” in software development. It’s only easy when you don’t have to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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well the thing with the cool down is that it’s all there. you need to put another button somewhere else. in my mind and it experience it’s not a biggie. maybe i’m wrong…

  1. You have to create the button, and it must be present across all platforms (PC, Mac, Android, Apple Mobile).
  2. Link that button to a value (0/1) and store it for use later.
  3. Set a trigger to call that value at some point in the program.
    • That may be necessary to add to the 2,000+ workouts that exist in the TR catalog.

That is all a guess and is likely wrong, since I am not a programmer. If anything, I probably missed more detail somewhere. In programming, almost nothing is as easy as it seems.