Calibration issue?

I have an Elite Drivo 1 and am a newer TR user. Been on Zwift for years. The speed and mileage in Zwift always seemed pretty close to IRL for me but on TR things are way stunted. Tonight for example; 90 minutes at avg 227w and I only “went” 23 miles. This has been consistent since I started. Am I missing something in the setup?

I would just start looking at time rather than miles.

If you want big miles and are using ERG, use the big ring and a small cog, you can look ridiculously fast. Not saying this is good thing to do. #geardoping

Speed and distance are variable based on gearing when using ERG mode.

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That was the link I was looking for! Thanks man. That’s it then, I rarely used ERG in Zwift. Now I’m going to try the Powermatch mode. I am finding the Elite Drivo alone is a little jumpy. Thoughts on powermatch yes or no?

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If you have a power meter on your bike, then I would suggest Powermatch. Why? Because then your indoor and outdoor numbers are equivalent since they come from the same power meter. If you train indoors w/power from the turbo and outdoors w/power from your on bike power meter, you might want to first verify that the read the same. Otherwise, you have indoor and outdoor numbers which could be very different.

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Maybe worth a view if you haven’t seen it already.

Maybe power match would just add more settling down issues… I guess trial and error and find what works for you.